Dr Kyoungmi Kim

Research Associate

Kyoungmi Kim is a Research Associate in the Institute for International Management.

Kyoungmi's research interests include institutional and workplace discourses, organisational institutionalism, the institutional work, and a range of topics that emerge in contexts of multinational firms such as organisational relationships, professional roles and identities, culture, and multilingualism. She recently published an article entitled, 'Negotiating Professional Roles in Problem-Solving Talk at Work' in Discourse and Communication. She is a member of the Higher Education Academy in the UK.

Academic background

Kyoungmi is trained as a qualitative and discursive researcher in organisational and institutional fields. She was awarded her PhD in Applied Linguistics from the University of Warwick in July 2018. In her PhD, she conducted an ethnographic case study of a Korean multinational company based in the UK. Her thesis investigates how organisational problems are discursively constructed in in situ in relation to dominant ideologies and discourses.

Current research and collaborations

Currently, Kyoungmi is working on the ‘Globalizing Actors’ project funded by ESRC with Professor Tony Edwards, Professor Phil Almond, Dr Philipp Kern, and Olga Tregaskis. Her main responsibility is conducting the qualitative analysis of multiple case studies, contributing to an in-depth understanding of global norm-making processes in multinational firms and the role of actors. She is co-authoring a paper entitled '(Re-)creating, diffusing and embedding business initiatives in a multinational firm'.

Based on her doctoral project, she is writing a paper on power and performativity in a multinational context. She is also co-authoring a book chapter (with Jo Angouri) that examines 'culturalism' in multinational contexts (under contract to contribute to the volume, Applied Linguistics and Politics).

Interests and activities

Kyoungmi has presented papers at a range of international conferences in organisational and interdisciplinary studies. In 2017, she received an award, ‘Best PhD Paper’ funded by the Carlsberg Foundation, at an international business management conference, Groupe d'Études Management & Language 2017. She is an active member of the Groupe d'Études Management & Language. In 2016, she received the British Association for Korean Studies Scholarship through which she shared her PhD project with a British–Korean community.

At the University of Warwick, she co-organised conferences: 'DiscourseNet Congress #2', 13–15th September, 2017, and 'Interconnections between Culture and Behaviour: Interdisciplinary Perspectives', 19th February, 2016.

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