Loughborough University London continues Loughborough's success as one of the country's top research-led universities; bringing benefit to local and international communities through applied research and sociocultural, interdisciplinary thinking.

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Research has the ability to provide individuals, businesses and organisations with the right resources to transform an idea into a reality. What's more, any product that exists in a rapidly changing world requires research to continue and develop its success.

Students who choose to undertake a research programme with us will have the opportunity to work with top researchers and industry leaders, and gain first-hand experience of industry centered problem solving. Presentation of research findings at key national and international conferences will be an important part of your training. You will be actively encouraged to engage with research communities across the globe and you will become part of a talented research community within the University.

Design Innovation

Design research at Loughborough University London is dedicated to ensuring new and existing products are of the highest benefit to their end user.

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Digital Technologies

Everything we do as humans in the 21st Century, from relaxing to socialising and from working to travelling, requires a relationship with digital technology.

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Diplomacy and International Governance

Diplomacy is at the heart of many key issues facing the UK today, and the Institute for Diplomacy and International Governance's research offers expertise in many of the key issues facing the diplomatic and governance spheres in the UK, Europe and internationally.

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Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Research plays a key role in understanding business success, providing individuals and businesses with insights and resources to transform an innovative idea into a successful product or service, making new (or existing) enterprises more successful.

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International Management

The Institute for International Management is led by a team of world-class scholars, with an impressive track record of attracting high-profile research grants for research into many aspects of international management.

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Media and Creative Industries

The Institute for Media and Creative Industries has four key research areas: Infrastructure, Labour, Output and Audiences.

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Sport Business

The Institute for Sport Business is an interdisciplinary research group incorporating internationally recognised researchers interested in the business of sport.

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