Dr Ksenija Kuzmina

Lecturer in Design Innovation and Management

Dr Ksenija Kuzmina

Ksenija has a PhD in Service Design and Education for Sustainable Development from Loughborough University and and MA in Sustainable Design from Kingston University.

Ksenija is a lecturer in Design Innovation and Management in the Institute for Design Innovation. Her teaching and research covers design research, reflection and action, service design methodologies, social innovation, systems thinking, organisational change, sustainable design and circular economy.

Academic background

Ksenija earned a BFA in Design at the University of Texas in 2006 before moving to the UK and receiving an MA in Design for Development from Kingston University London in 2009. She accepted a scholarship to complete a PhD in Sustainable Design at Loughborough University in 2014.

Prior to joining Loughborough University London, Ksenija worked as a Course Director of Design Strategy and Leadership course at Centre for Competitive Strategic Design, Cranfield University. She was also a lecturer in Industrial Design at Loughborough Design School, Loughborough University. She continues to work at both institutions as a visiting lecturer.

Current research and collaborations

  • A Silicon Health Valley for Greenwich (10, March - 31 October, 2016)

This project was led by Ravensbourne in partnership with Loughborough University London and the University of Greenwich. The project received a Social Innovation Sandpit Award from HEFCE.

This project will bring together three HEIs around preventative healthcare for young people as part of the Smart City programme for Greenwich. Its focus is on the way the Smart City agenda can be linked to young people’s preventative health across the Borough drawing on the application of digital mobile tools, smart city technologies and new partnerships. It will draw on a user-centred collaborative service design approach based on knowledge ‘co-creation’.

Interests and activities

Ksenija is an Associate Editor of the Journal of Design, Economics, and Innovation. She is also a member of the Sustainable Design Research Group, Design Research Society, Service Design Research Network and an organiser of a local Service Design Jam.

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