Dr Thorsten Roser, PhD

Teaching Fellow, Institute for Design Innovation

Dr Thor Roser is Teaching Fellow within the Institute for Design Innovation at Loughborough University London.

His research work focusses on the Development of Ecosystems and Service Design in Medical Genomics, with particular emphasis on Pharmacogenomics in Sport and Healthcare. 

Thor is also the Academic Lead for the Collaborative Project module, one of the largest university-industry collaborations in the world. The project enables circa 1,000 students at Loughborough University London to work on collaborative innovation challenges with a broad range of organisational partners.

Thor is passionate about people, innovation and entrepreneurship, with his work bridging industry with academia. During the last two decades, Thor has gained in-depth insights and experiences by working in a broad range of industries and firms and has a strong background in research and entrepreneurship.

In practice, Thor supports a team of highly experienced specialists to develop and commercialise Precision Medicine Solutions. In academia, his work focuses on design innovation, ecosystem development and collaborative innovation.

Thor's specific expertise is in the areas of:

  • Technology
  • Management
  • Venture Finance
  • Behavioural Sciences

Academic background

Thor received his MSc in Industrial and Organizational Psychology from University of Heidelberg, and a PhD in Business Psychology from London School of Economics.

Current research and collaborations

Thor's past research has centred on knowledge management, inventive thinking and why collaborative innovation fails.

His current research focuses on how can we design ecosystems in medical genomics to transform the healthcare and foster precision medicine.

Interests and activities

Thor is Chairman at Roser Medical.

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