Dr Andrea Geurin

Professor of Sport Business, Director of the Institute for Sport Business

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Professor Geurin is an internationally recognised scholar in sport business, specifically in the areas of sport marketing and communication. Her research focuses on Olympic athletes’ and sport organisations’ use of social media as a marketing communication tool as well as the business of women’s sport.

Dr Geurin serves as the Director of the Institute for Sport Business and teaches primarily into the MSc in Sport Marketing programme.

Andrea's work has appeared in over 60 peer-reviewed academic journal articles and book chapters, including articles in the Journal of Sport Management, Sport Management Review, Sport Marketing Quarterly, and European Sport Management Quarterly. She also serves as an Associate Editor for two journals: European Sport Management Quarterly and Managing Sport & Leisure. Additionally, she is an editorial board member of four other academic journals.

Dr Geurin has published three books, including the second and third editions of Strategic Sport Communication along with co-authors Drs Paul M. Pedersen, Pamela Laucella, and Ted Kian, as well as The Routledge Handbook of the Business of Women’s Sport, which she co-edited with Dr Nancy Lough from the University of Nevada Las Vegas.

Andrea was named a North American Society of Sport Management (NASSM) Research Fellow in 2015, an award recognising her outstanding research contributions in the field of sport management.

Academic background

Prior to joining Loughborough University London, Andrea served as the Academic Director of Graduate Programs in the Tisch Institute for Global Sport at New York University. She previously held full-time faculty positions in the sport management programs at Saint Mary’s College of California (USA), Indiana University (USA), IUPUI (USA), Massey University (New Zealand), and Griffith University (Australia). Since 2004, Andrea has taught a wide variety of sport management courses at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels, including topics such as research methods, marketing, consumer behaviour, public relations, sales, strategic management, and ethics.

Andrea earned her PhD in Sport Management from Indiana University in 2008, where she also completed her master’s degree in Athletic Administration and Sport Management in 2002, and her bachelor’s degree in Journalism in 2001.

Dr Geurin spent time working in the sport industry between 2002-2005, serving in public relations and marketing roles at USA Gymnastics, the national governing body of the sport in the US, and Lehman Racing, a professional motorsports team that raced in the National Hot Rod Association.

Current research and collaborations

  1. Olympic athletes' use of social media during the Tokyo Olympic Games to understand how athletes from eight different nations adhered to the IOC's Rule 40, their self-presentation styles, how they promoted personal partnerships, and whether they engaged in online activism during the Games (in collaboration with Dr Lauren Burch from Loughborough University London, Dr Natasha Brison from Texas A&M University, Dr Nick Watanabe from the University of South Carolina, and Dr Akira Asada from Texas Tech University).
  2. Analysis of social media use and traditional media coverage regarding the International Paralympic Committee's #WeThe15 campaign (in collaboration with several other Loughborough University researchers).
  3. Writing the fourth edition of the book ""Strategic Sport Communication"" along with Drs Paul M Pedersen (Indiana University), Pamela Laucella (IUPUI), and Ted Kian (Oklahoma State University).

Current PhD / research supervisions

  1. Bethany Hushon, Loughborough University London. Serve as primary supervisor alongside co-supervisor Dr. Lauren Burch. Working thesis title: The Tangible vs the Intangible in Sponsorship: Its Effectiveness as a Mechanism of Brand Equity to Increase the Growth of Women’s Football in the UK.
  2. Charlotte Hallows, Loughborough University London. Serve as secondary supervisor alongside primary supervisor Dr. Lauren Burch. Working thesis title: Brands’ use of athlete activism in marketing campaigns as they return to a pre-pandemic sporting calendar.
  3. Tim Kubel, Loughborough University London. Serve as primary supervisor alongside co-supervisor Dr. Emily Hayday. PhD co-funded by Chelsea Football Club. Working thesis title: The Social Development of Elite Youth Football Players at Chelsea FC.
  4. Kiki Christofi, Loughborough University London. Serve as primary supervisor alongside co-supervisor Dr. Holly Collison. Working thesis title: The Overshadowing Pandemic: What are the experiences of women leaders within the sport industry, and what are the implications of Covid-19 on leadership development?

Completed PhD / research supervisions

  1. Co-supervisor of Michelle Hayes (Griffith University), along with Drs Kevin Filo and Caroline Riot. Successful completion: 10 September 2019. Thesis title: Social Media Usage Among Elite Athletes: An Exploration of Athlete Usage During Major Events.
  2. Co-supervisor of Ashleigh Thompson (Massey University), along with Drs Andy Martin and Sarah Gee. Successful completion: October 20, 2015. Thesis title: Building brands and fan relationships through social media: The case of the Grand Slam tennis events.
  3. PhD dissertation committee member for Matthew Zimmerman, Indiana University-Bloomington. Successful Defense: July 23, 2014. Dissertation title: You have many friends: How professional sport organizations utilize Facebook to engage their target publics.
  4. PhD dissertation committee member for Lauren Burch, Indiana University-Bloomington. Successful Defense: November 29, 2012. Dissertation title: Investigating framing of athletes on Twitter: An analysis of self-portrayals across gender and sport.
  5. PhD dissertation committee member for Tywan Martin, Indiana University-Bloomington. Successful Defense: November 22, 2011. Dissertation title: Mixed Marital Arts (MMA) and the media: Using the content analytic method to examine the print communication coverage devoted to an emerging sport.
  6. PhD dissertation committee member for Sanghak Lee, Indiana University-Bloomington. Successful Defense: December 11, 2009. Dissertation title: Influence of brand exposure frequency and sport involvement on sport sponsorship effects: An examination of mere exposure.

Interests and activities

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