Dr Sharon Prendeville


Sharon Prendeville

Dr Sharon Prendeville is a lecturer in design innovation. She specialises in sustainability, with a particular focus on design and business model innovation for a circular economy.

She leads the Institute’s Foresight and Strategy module. She currently supervises students on topics ranging from service design to business model innovation for sustainability.

Academic background

Sharon’s research interests sit within the field of sustainable design and innovation. Through her PhD she specialised in decision-making to optimise product life-times, focusing on whole systems approaches, by mapping design dilemmas and their implication for wider business decisions. She has since worked for the Welsh government, as a policy advisor, informing its evidence base to implement EU legislation. She has worked with a range of private and non-profit organisations in the UK and around Europe.

Current research and collaborations

Sharon’s current research focuses on the role of design in a future circular economy. She is interested in open source hardware, distributed production and local circular economy contexts, and their potential to enable sustainable futures. She also has an interest in how sustainability manifests through urban, regional initiatives such as grassroots movements and circular cities.

Current PhD / research supervisions

Sharon supervises PhDs on design and business model innovation for sustainability, with a particular interest in 'circularity'. She is also interested in new and fringe contexts where design can foster sustainability, such as through localism, the maker movement, distributed production and open hardware.

Interests and activities

Dr Prendeville is a co-founder and member of the Board of Stewards Open Source Circular Economy Days. In the past she has been involved in running the London Circular Jam.

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