Dr Jie Meng

Programme Director MSc Digital Marketing, Deputy Director LDN Doctoral Programme, and Interdisciplinary Priority Research Lead.

Jie Meng

Jie is the Programme Director for our MSc Digital Marketing, Deputy Director of the LDN Doctoral Programme, and Interdisciplinary Priority Research Lead.

Jie's scholarly pursuits revolve around the innovative integration of contemporary techno-psychological methodologies to address the intricacies of human-technology interactions. Moreover, she endeavours to digitalize business systems, orchestrating their evolution for both commercial triumph and societal betterment. Jie is dedicated to constructing a comprehensive framework that traverses from digital efficacy to digital welfare and well-being, nurturing societal advancement, inclusivity, and parity.

Academic background

Jie boasts a doctoral degree in Marketing from the esteemed University of New South Wales, Australia, coupled with a noteworthy GCETT Certificate of Higher Education. Prior to her affiliation with Loughborough University London, she left her scholarly mark as a lecturer and researcher in the realm of digital marketing across diverse global landscapes, spanning Asia, Australia, and the UK. Her expertise encompasses an array of marketing facets, including marketing communication, consumer psychology and behaviour, digital and social media marketing, marketing research, and marketing analytics.

Current research and collaborations

Jie's proficiencies span a diverse spectrum of quantitative methodologies, enshrining surveys, experiments, simulations, and machine learning. Her focus extends to intricate information systems embedded within digital milieus, such as knowledge-sharing platforms, social media networks, and crowd-sourced resources. Noteworthy accomplishments include the development of cognitive models incorporating consumers' self-perceptions, projections of online influencers, and brand image associations. She has pioneered the modelling of multi-agent information systems to discern patterns of online tribalism and social news propagation. Furthermore, Jie's expertise extends to uncovering the concealed causalities inherent in human-machine interfaces, particularly exploring the generation of trust stemming from AI interactions.

Current PhD / research supervisions

Jie has been at the helm of supervising PGR/doctoral students since 2016. Her new supervisory role centres around cutting-edge themes, including computational online advertising, the impact of AI technology on human behaviour and cognition, and the intricate dynamics of consumer behaviour in the realm of social media and emerging smart media platforms.

Jie's current interests encompass a commitment to supervising doctoral researchers in the following pivotal areas:

  • Area 1: Unravelling the Complexities of Online Influencers, Consumer Ego, and Personalized Web Advertising within the Landscape of Decentralized Communication.
  • Area 2: Exploring the Foundations of Consumer Trust and Decision-Making Through the Lens of AI Tools.
  • Area 3: Probing the Nuances of Human-AI/DigiTech Interaction, Forging New Pathways of Understanding and Collaboration.

Jie's work with her doctoral students stand testament to her dedication to the advancement of knowledge, the empowerment of students, and the transformative potential of human-technology synergies.

Interests and activities

Jie has been affiliated with the following academic bodies: the European Marketing Academy (EMAC), the British Academy of Management (BAM), the Marketing Research Centre, Renmin University Business School (MRCC), and the Australian and New Zealand Marketing Corp (ANZMAC).

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