Dr Jie Meng

Senior Lecturer in the Institute for Digital Technologies

Jie Meng

Jie is the Programme Director for our MSc Digital Marketing with her research focusing on adopting marketing perspectives and methods to solve digital marketing problems.

Her research covers digitalisation of business systems and social matrices, consumer digital footprints and word-of-mouth, virtual communities and consumer online tribalism and so forth. She is keen on building a logic from digital efficacy, digital welfare, to digital wellbeing that can sustain societal growth.

Academic background

Jie has a PhD in Marketing from the University of New South Wales, Australia, and a GCETT certificate of Higher Education from Federation University, Australia.

Before joining Loughborough University London, Jie expanded her footprint as a digital marketing lecturer and researcher in Asia, Australia, and the UK.

Her teaching subjects cover marketing strategies, consumer behaviours, digital and social media marketing, marketing research and marketing analytics.

Current research and collaborations

Jie’s expertise lies in various quantitative approaches inclusive of survey, experiment, simulation, and machine learning that involve the research in complex information systems embedded in digital contexts (e.g., knowledge sharing platforms, social media, crowd resources). Her experience includes priming cognitive models with consumer’s self, online influencer, and brand image projection, modelling a multi-agent information system to speculate the online tribalism and social news dispersion, and identifying the causality hidden between human-machine interfaces (e.g., trust generated from AI).

Current PhD / research supervisions

Jie has been supervising PhD and MRes students in Marketing since 2016. Her new supervision role will centre around the ideas of computational online advertising, AI's technological impacts on human behaviour and cognition, and consumer behaviour in social media and other smart new media.

Jie is currently interested in supervising doctoral researchers in the following areas:

  • Area 1 - Online Influencer, Consumer Ego, and Personalised Web Advert in Decentralised Communication Era
  • Area 2 - Consumer Trust and Decision using AI Tools
  • Area 3 - Social Media and Democracy

Interests and activities

Jie has been affiliated with the following academic bodies: the European Marketing Academy (EMAC), the British Academy of Management (BAM), the Marketing Research Centre, Renmin University Business School (MRCC), and the Australian and New Zealand Marketing Corp (ANZMAC).

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