Jonathan Boase

Guest Lecturer

Jonathan is an industry expert and collaborator within the Institute for Sport Business.

Jonathan helps the Institute for Sport Business with teaching, assignment creation and supporting the students with opportunities. 

Jonathan is a fellow of the Institute of Engineering & Technology (IET), former IBM Executive Partner with over 30 years of experience in Data Analytics and over the last 6 years in AI. His experience has been gained working internationally, including running Data Analytics for IBM's Middle East & Africa Region, UK & Europe and Globally. He has also worked with and for many tier 1 enterprises such as IBM, HP, Deloitte Consulting, The Walt Disney Company, Sony; and many mid size / startups.

He founded Lityk Consulting in January 2017 with a focus on the pragmatic application of Data Analytics & AI integrated into Digital / Mobile applications. Jonathan now acts as the Chief Product Officer.

Academic background

Jonathan has a BA (Hons) in Data Processing from Sunderland University.

Current research and collaborations

Collaboration includes with Loughborough University London's Institute for Sport Business with the development of MYSTORY.IO (Talent ID Platform) and with students on a number of initiatives as part of the Lityk.Spark programme. This also includes partnering with a leading Premier League Football Club and IBM.

Collaboration with Temple University on researching the application of GRIT analysis to Sport.

Interests and activities

Jonathan is a fellow of the Institute of Engineering and Technology.