Dr Gholamreza Anbarjafari

Reader within Institute for Digital Technologies

Gholamreza Anbarjafari

Dr Anbarjafari is a Reader within the Institute for Digital Technologies working on human behavior analysis, emotion recognition, biometric recognition, action recognition and activity monitoring, compound and multimodal expression analysis.

He was also Deputy Scientific Coordinator of the European Network on Integrating Vision and Language COST Action (IC1307). He is an IEEE Senior member. He has got Estonian Research Council Grant and the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey. Gholamreza has been involved in many national and international industrial projects working with companies such as Rakuten, VERIFF, SuperAppli, Bercman Technologies, ReportAuto and Jobbatical. He is Associate Editor of SIVP and Information and have organized several SI on human behaviour analysis in journals such as JIVP, Entropy and MVAP.

Academic background

Dr Anbarjafari has established a proven record in the field of human behaviour analysis. His works has received awards (from Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute, Korea). While conducting his studies he received multiple scholarships. He has been also awarded as the best lecturer in Faculty of Science and Technology at University of Tartu.

Current research and collaborations

Dr Anbarjafari's research includes:

  • Abnormal and normal human behaviour analysis
  • Compound and multimodal emotion recognition
  • Non-cooperative human-robot interaction
  • Action recognition and activity monitoring
  • Biometric recognition
  • Person re-identification
  • Computer vision
  • Applied machine learning. 

He is interested in collaboration with experimental psychologists, sociologists, sport scientists, fashion designers, and also law enforcement units.

Current PhD / research supervisions

Dr Anbarjafari has supervised 7 PhD students whose man focus are in human behaviour analysis, computer vision and machine learning.

He is interested in supervising young researchers who would like to work in the field of applied machine learning and computer vision, in particular on human behaviour analysis, physical activity monitoring, and action recognition in the wild.

Interests and activities

Dr Anbarjafari is interested in multidisciplinary projects in which machine learning, computer vision and human behaviour analysis can be used for specific applications. In line with that, he has past experiences working with interactive discovery search development for fashion items, human activity monitoring for security purposes, first impression analysis, automatic damage detection on vehicles, interactive multi-camera broadcasting, apparent age and gender estimation, and text-image search.

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