PhD research seminars

Delivered by current PhD students, our PhD research seminars provide an opportunity for research students to share their research progress and findings, as well as discuss potential collaboration opportunities with our academics and students.

Upcoming seminars

Date Speaker Room
4 February 2019 Jennifer Agwunobi           LDN.205
14 February 2019 James De Mountfort and Justin Tumlinson LDN.205
21 February 2019 Dan Read LDN.014
28 February 2019 Bob Olukoya and John Vivian LDN.014
21 March 2019 Alan Brejnholt and Mabel Machado-Lopez LDN.205
28 March 2019

Britta Boyer and Gori Olusina-Daniel

2 May 2019 Fiona Abades-Barclay and Femi Obasan LDN.205
9 May 2019 Ye Zhang LDN.205
16 May 2019 Lena Langosch and Stan Windsor LDN.205
23 May 2019 Fiona Meeks and Olga Correia LDN.205


Our PhD research seminars are held on campus every Thursday from 3.30pm-5pm during term time, and are open to our current postgraduate students and staff only.

Previous seminars



Faculty Supervisor

23 November 2017 Yasemin Canik Dr Nicola Chelotti
30 November 2017 Peter Sear Dr Justin Tumlinson
7 December 2017 Ekaterina Kotina 
Dr Angela Dy 
14 December 2017 Adaku Agwunobi Dr Steve Swanson
11 January 2018 Federico Vaz Dr Justin Tumlinson

8 February 2018

Shuyang Liu

Yang Zhao

15 February 2018

Gori Olusina Daniel

Gerhard Schnyder

22 February 2018

Jacky Mueller

Justin Tumlinson

1 March 2018

Olga Correia

James De Mountfort

Wilfred Dolfsma

8 March 2018

Lena Langosch

Anna Grossman

15 March 2018

Karim Ahmed

Sharon Prendeville

19 April 2018

Jasmina Rueger

Kun Fu

26 April 2018

Jennifer Agwunobi

Yasemin Canik

Steve Swanson

3 May 2018

Federico Vaz

Nicola Chelotti

10 May 2018

Ye Zhang

Angela Dy

17 May 2018

Yi Zhang

Justin Tumlinson

24 May 2018

Daniel Read

Justin Tumlinson

18 October 2018

Gori Olusina-Daniel

Innovation and Entrepreneurship 

25 October 2018

Fiona Meeks

 Institute for Sport Business

1 November

Lena Langosch

 Innovation and Entrepreneurship

8 November 2018

Fede Vaz and Jennifer Adaku

 Design Innovation

15 November 2018

Mabel Machado


22 November 2018

Alan Brejnholt and John Vivian


6 December 2018

Ye Zhang


13 December 2018

Jasmina Rueger


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