Karima Bihaki

Innovative business models versus established institutions business models: A comparative case study between new Educational providers and Universities in United Kingdom

Karima is a doctoral researcher within the Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

Karima has a background as a serial entrepreneur and this expertise has been the foundation of her being a Doctoral researcher today. She has a BBA in Management and MSc in Marketing. 

PhD research description

The research aim is to produce a theory as a result of a systematic comparison between ‘innovative business models’ and ‘established institutional business models’ within the UK HE. Where the first relates to disruptive innovative business models adopted by new educational providers in the HE sector and the latter by Universities based on traditional teaching and research. Hence, this research adopts a comparative approach to identify, analyse and explain similarities and differences between the two types of business models.

PhD supervisors

Karima's PhD supervisor is Dr Roy Meriton

Interests and activities

Karima is interested in public speaking on topics such as business, innovation and tech. She is also teaches and mentors of undergraduate and postgraduate students.