Stanley Windsor

How has the government school sports premium funding effected the teaching of physical activity within primary education.

Stanley Windsor, PhD student

Stan is a doctoral researcher affiliated with the Institute for Sport Business. His PhD project focuses on the effects that government policy and funding is having on primary school sport and more specifically the activity levels of pupils. Stan previously graduated from the MSc. Sport Business and Innovation Programme at Loughborough University with distinction in 2018.

Stanley Windsor joined Loughborough University London in 2017 to study our Sport Business and Innovation MSc. Stan originally studied Sport & Exercise Science at Oxford Brookes University, graduating in 2013. On completion of his BSc (Hons) Stan set up a personal training business providing technology to increase activity of general populations. In 2015 Stan returned to Oxford Brookes as a Teaching Fellow to deliver personal training qualifications and develop content for a sport technology module that he currently still teaches on. Stan has an interest in how we can promote activity within both special populations and general populations. Within his MSc project at Loughborough University London, Stan completed another ethnographic data collection focusing on how technology could be used as a medium for delivering physical literacy within primary school physical education. It was this project that brought about the motivation to continue the research in a PhD. 

PhD research description

Stan's PhD focuses on primary school physical activity, and aims to offer insight which can be used to steer future government policy around primary school physical education. In particular, his study seeks to introduce meaningful insight into issues with delivering quality physical education and the use of external coaches. By conducting an ethnographic study, Stan will hope to highlight the implications of current government policies within primary schools with the use of rich qualitative data that will help understand the causation of primary school inactivity. In order to make an informed suggestion for policy it is important to understand the environment in which the policy is going to sit. Stan plans to conduct his research throughout a full academic year (2019/20). His research aspires to provide practical and theoretical implications for future policy formation and research within a coaching and educational context. Stan also hopes to suggest a programme for delivering education that is approachable without funding for external coaching. 

PhD supervisors

Stan's PhD is supervised by Dr Holly Collison and Professor Aaron Smith

Awards, grants or scholarships received

Stan has received full funding of his fees to carry out this research.

Interests and activities

Stan has for many years been interested in the reasons for the growing inactivity of the youngest in society. Within his master’s programme, his project explored ways in which technology could be used as a medium for delivering physical literacy within primary school education. it was within this project that it became obvious that more research is needed into the reasons and justification of primary school policy and funding decisions. 

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