Media and Creative Industries

The Institute for Media and Creative Industries incorporates an interdisciplinary team of researchers with a shared interest in the growth and impact of media and the creative industries.

The Institute for Media and Creative Industries provides students with a profound understanding of how the media and creative sectors operate, by sharing knowledge and expertise from a range of industries, including music, the press, film, television, social media, the arts, tourism and the Internet.

The Institute includes an internationally-renowned research community, who share an interest in the growth and impact of media and the creative industries. The Institute focuses on four key areas of media development and delivery:

  • Infrastructure
  • Labour
  • Output
  • Audiences

The Institute for Media and Creative Industries boasts a talented, close-knit research community, with a shared passion for the growth and impact of research on communication and media content, technologies and structures.

The Institute maintains a strong interest in the relationships between media and communication and technological, social and cultural change. Current research considers the implications of technological transformations and social change, including social, cultural, political and economic relationships and movements, as well as social media and activism in contemporary and historical contexts. Much of the research in the institute is collaborative and interdisciplinary, connecting to local and global communities and organisations. The Institute also works with community groups, cultural institutions and global agencies to explore the applications of their latest research.

The Institute has a particular strength in ethnography, participatory approaches, oral histories, archival research and textual analysis. The Institute explores the application of these methodological approaches to critical studies of gender, sexuality, identity, race and ethnicity. The Institute is also interested in notions of mobility (people and technologies), place, creativity and labour, and the communication practices and infrastructures that connect and disconnect, enable and constrain.

Our academics cover a range of research interests including legacy and new media and communication structures, regulations and practices. We have experience of conducting empirical research across the globe, and are particularly interested in global perspectives on media, communications and social life.