LiQUiD Lab London

LiQUiD Lab London was set up in 2018 as a peer-to-peer network for postgraduate researchers.

As an extension of the original LiQUiD Lab at the Loughborough University campus (Loughborough’s Qualitative Digital Research Laboratory), it is aimed for all postgraduate researchers at our London campus.  

It is an interdisciplinary network that includes both, qualitative and quantitative postgraduate students across all institutes in London to create opportunities to share knowledge of research methods, techniques and experiences. The main role of the LiQUiD Lab London is to organise events that facilitate peer-to-peer learning and provide support for researchers.

Committee Members

Daniel Read

Dan Read is a final year doctoral researcher within the Institute for Sport Business writing up his thesis entitled ‘A Multi-Level Legitimacy Analysis of the World Anti-Doping Agency’. His thesis has required him to utilise a number of qualitative approaches and methods including interviews, policy analysis and archival research. In addition to his thesis he is also conducting researching into other contemporary sporting issues including competitive balance, brand image repair in sport and esports. Originally from London, he has a BSc in Physiology and Sport Science, an MRes in Sport Psychology and has previously worked in the pharmaceutical sector. When he isn’t trying to write his thesis, Dan is a keen rugby player and enjoys cooking. 

You can find Dan's publications here

Lena Langosch

Lena Langosch has a background in International Business and Corporate Change Management. Her main research focus and interest is culture and language in the international settings of corporations and institutions. In her PhD, she studies the impact of experience, culture and informal institutions on cross-border M&A (Mergers and Acquisition) performance. Besides that, Lena has a passion for intercultural management and communication with a specific focus on the global classroom. She is currently gathering more qualifications for performing lectures and trainings in this specific field at Universities.

Lena lived and studied in the US, the  Netherlands and South Korea, before moving to the UK, where she currently lives.

Julia Giese

Julia Giese is interested in embodied memories of political ruptures and migration. Using a creative ethnographic approach centring on the performing and dancing body as a carrier of knowledge, she works together with Bangladeshi women’s groups in East London.

She has studied and worked in Germany, Ireland, Bangladesh, Sweden, South Africa and India. Her background is in political science, feminist and postcolonial studies. She grew up in Berlin and currently lives in Hackney, London. Julia enjoys films and the cinema, and checking out the local music scenes in London. You can find her on Twitter, LinkedIn and email

Alan Brejnholt


Originally from Denmark, Alan Brejnholt spent the past 10 years moving around – living, studying and working across industries and countries. Deeply interested in learning, developing and contributing, he likes putting himself into new situations to ensure that his mind-set is not tied down by one prominent nature of habit, law, custom or prejudice. Alan is a sports enthusiast and will often find his way to the football pitch. He has also participated in many theatre performances – scripted shows and improvisation. 

Alan's LinkedIn page


Ian Hill

Ian Hill is interested in the Sociology of Work, and more specifically, he is interested in contradictions in the labour process. His PhD is investigating the contradiction between standardisation and autonomy within software development and manufacturing. He's using both qualitative semi-structured interviews and non-participant observation as his methods.

Work wise, Ian has compiled over ten years of teaching & administrative experience within Higher Education. His positions include: Module Convenor & Lead Tutor, in the Sociology of Work, at King's College London; Lecturer in Organisational Behaviour at CAPA International Education and External Examiner in Sociology for CATS Education.

Ian is originally from London and enjoys the diverse nature of the city. He enjoys frequenting different restaurants, concerts, sporting events, museums and more. For his sins, he is a keen supporter of Charlton Athletic Football Club and has been attending home matches for the last 20 years. Ian also enjoys travelling to different cities (and beaches) around Europe, North America and beyond. 

Ian's LinkedIn page

Upcoming Events

There are currently no upcoming events. 

The LiQUiD Lab London events are usually between 3.30pm-5pm usually on the last Friday of each month.  

After these events, everyone is welcome to go to Canalside or Hackney for a couple of drinks/food!