Sport Business

The Institute for Sport Business currently supervises a wide range of projects, which correspond with the Institute’s key areas of research.

The Institute for Sport Business includes an interdisciplinary, research-led team, incorporating internationally-recognised researchers interested in the business of sport. The Institute seeks to deliver research with a real-world impact, in an era of significant social, economic and technological change. Recent research has examined the rapid growth in the business of sport, as well as leadership and change, innovation, technology, and social responsibility.

Research by the Institute for Sport Business focuses on money, morality and meaning, and the implications of these factors on sport business. As such, the Institute maintains an interest in the following research topics:

  • Sport consumer engagement
  • Sport enterprise performance
  • Sport social innovation

Inspiring Location

London is rapidly becoming the world’s leading hub for sport business and is the ideal location for students to expand their knowledge, expertise and networks. Loughborough University London is surrounded by key influencers and innovators in the field of sport, including BT Sport, the Olympic Legacy Corporation and West Ham Football Club. The Institute is proud to partner with a number of London-based leaders in sport, including World Rugby, BT Sport, CSM Strategic, West Ham United Foundation, Global Sports Jobs, and Chelsea Football Club.

Supporting you

By pursuing one of our postgraduate research programmes, you will have the opportunity to work with internationally-renowned researchers and practitioners in your field of study. As a PhD student with us you will receive a comprehensive package of training and support to continue into a professional research career, or to progress into a variety of roles with regional, international or multinational organisations and governing bodies.

How to apply

All MPhil and PhD applications must be made online. We strongly recommend contacting your preferred research supervisor(s) in advance of submitting an application to discuss your ideas.

Sport Business MRes

An MRes in Sport Business provides students with the right training and support to develop strong analytical and research expertise, whilst revealing the latest developments and discoveries in the field of sport business.

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