Nehad Ali

Corporate governance, Entrepreneurial orientation, Familiness, & Socioemotional wealth: Factors of success across generations.

Nehad is a doctoral researcher within the Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship. She occupied a Management role for six years within family-owned business. Nehad has a great interest in Entrepreneurship and Family SME’s, especially retail business.

Nehad completed her International Business Administration MA at Bournemouth University and Investment Banking and Islamic Finance MSc from University of Reading. 

PhD research description

Nehad's research explores the influence of Corporate Governance, Familiness, Socioemotional Wealth and Entrepreneurial Orientation on the Transgenerational Continuity of Family Firms.

Family-owned firms constitute a significant percentage of businesses and contribute largely to the economies around the world, however, statistics showed that only 30% of family firms survive through the second generation, 13% survive the third generation, and 3% survive beyond.

Therefore, this research examines the effect of some factors that contribute to family firms’ survival throughout generations. This study seeks to uncover how the role of corporate governance together with the other resources unique to family businesses overlap to create thriving multigenerational family-owned companies. 

PhD supervisors

Nehad's PhD is supervised within the Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship by Dr Louise Scholes and Dr Anna Grossman

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