International Management

The Institute for International Management maintains an interest in the comparative analysis of countries’ institutional setups and how diverse national contexts affect economic activity around the world, especially in multinational corporations.

Academics from the Institute for International Management are currently working on various projects which contribute to this aim, and underpin our ability to deliver an outstanding postgraduate experience at the forefront of our discipline.

The Institute is led by a team of highly-ranked scholars with commanding knowledge of a range of aspects of international management. The Institute for International Management is actively engaged in international research projects concerning the globalisation of economic activity and the implications for patterns of work, sustainability, (political and other) risks, and governance. It will develop expertise in a range of emerging market economies over the next few years.

Our staff

The faculty members of the IIM are an interdisciplinary group of internationally-renown researchers covering various disciplines relevant to International Management including International HRM, Cross-cultural Management, Corporate Social Responsibility, Corporate Political Activity, and Political Economy. They have a track record in obtaining grants from national and international research councils and have widely-published in leading academic journals across different fields.

Our research

The Institute for International Management is actively engaged in international research projects concerning the following:

  • Globalising actors / activists in multinational companies
  • Law, corporate governance, and development
  • The internationalisation of firms from emerging economies
  • Comparative political economy of work

Supporting you

Our PhD students are equipped with the knowledge and research skills required to address the complex problems of the contemporary international arenas of business, work and governance. By pursuing one of our postgraduate research programmes, you will have the opportunity to work with internationally-renowned researchers and practitioners in your field of study.

As a PhD student with us you will receive a comprehensive package of training and support to continue into a professional research career, or to progress into a variety of roles with regional, international or multinational organisations and governing bodies.

How to apply

All MPhil and PhD applications must be made online. We strongly recommend contacting your preferred research supervisor(s) in advance of submitting an application to discuss your ideas.