Previous Digital Skills work-insight projects

Take a look below at just some of the work-insight projects that have previously been delivered as part of the Digital Skills project.

Foreign Affairs

Foreign Affairs is a multiplatform media organization with a print magazine, a website, a mobile site, various apps and social media feeds, an event business, and more. Foreign Affairs is published by the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), a non-profit and nonpartisan membership organization dedicated to improving the understanding of foreign policy and international affairs through the free exchange of ideas.

About the project

The work-insight project focused on increasing digital fundraising/sales, increasing digital reach and online audience and improving how the business measures impact of digital reach, and engagement.

Student, Tija, MSc Digital Marketing student

"It's been a pleasure working with Foreign Affairs who made this Digital Skills experience a great opportunity for learning new digital marketing skills. With their help, I learned how to use Google Analytics which usually wouldn't be available to me. Moreover, I learned how to analyse performance and audience on social media accounts. Assisting the Foreign Affairs digital events helped me improve my digital skills which are crucial for the future digital marketing jobs. I have valued their business expertise and leadership, as well as their natural flair for creativity."

Foreign Affairs

"The Digital Skills programme's work-insight project was an exciting opportunity for us. This is a brilliant initiative. The team was friendly and professional and we felt supported throughout the project. We couldn't be happier with the student who worked with us. She was very proactive, professional and brought new insights and expertise in areas we were less confident about. Thank you for this opportunity and we hope this may serve many more people!"


Echo is an Economy of Hours: a marketplace without the money. Echo brings together local people and local organisations – including startups and sole traders, established businesses and not-for-profits – to create a community-wide economy of hours where members buy and sell their skills, services and resources they have for those that they need, using a currency called 'Echoes'.

About the project

The Digital Skills work-insight project involed working with Echo to maximise the impact and reach of 'The Match', a scheme Echo established during the Covid-19 pandemic, in partnership with Loughborough University London. The Match connects furloughed workers with small businesses and charities, for targeted skills-based volunteering. Selsabil's focus was around improving the online presence of The Match in order to recruit more participants, and increase our reach and impact.

Selsabil, MSc Security, Peace-building and Diplomacy student

"Working with Sarah at Echo's 'The Match' programme has been brilliant. As a communications volunteer, I was involved in several key areas such as planning, analysis, and strategy. I have built upon my skills and experiences I developed throughout my MSc to contribute to Echo's brand voice and communication strategy. I also had the opportunity to develop newer skills such as a data analysis, audience mapping, and skills matching. I used LinkedIn Learning’s online courses, provided to me by Loughborough University London, to supplement my knowledge and application to the tasks during my placement at 'The Match'. This breadth of experience would not have been possible without the support of Sarah, who welcomed my skills and aspirations into the team. It has been a privilege to contribute to Echo through the Digital Skills programme, and I extend my heartfelt thanks to everybody on the Digital Skills team."

TERN (The Entrepreneurial Refugee Network)

TERN (The Entrepreneurial Refugee Network) is a social enterprise and nonprofit which supports refugee entrepreneurs in the creation and development of their businesses, providing services throughout three stages of entrepreneurial process: business exploration, business start-up and business growth.

About the project

The Digital Skills work-insight project involved research on stakeholder mapping activity across cities in the UK and Canada in order to provide a prioritisation of top 5 UK and Canadian cities.

Vanessa, MSc Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management student

"I found the project with TERN interesting and insightful. It allowed me to develop my research skills."

Pulse Social

Pulse Social is a Not-For-Profit sports social enterprise, which provides inclusive sports for all ages to explore a variety of sporting activities. Their social purpose is to create change in local communities to provide an inclusive environment for all ages to explore a variety of sports and activities.

About the project

Ellie, a MSc Design Innovation student, contributed towards a series of online fund raising/crowd funding activities to support Pulse Social Sports' further community engagement programme and events, including Pulse Social Sports latest programme 'She gets social', a social initiative aiming to help more women from disadvantaged communities to participate in sport and exercise activities.

Watch Ellie's video diary about the project on YouTube.

Sajith, a MSc Sport Analytics and Technologies student, collaborated with Pulse Social Sports to support expansion of online events and fundraising around 'She gets social', a social initiative aiming to help more women from disadvantaged communities to participate in sport and exercise activities. These activities included liaising with external stakeholders digitally and operationalising activities relating to the online events.

Watch Sajith's video diary about the project on YouTube.


MOONHUB provides high-quality training for forward-thinking companies by immersing users in interactive VR training scenarios, helping them gain and retain knowledge, whilst also providing the opportunity to onboard new staff.

About the project:

This work insight project focused on helping Moonhub develop a marketing strategy aiming to create digital content for their online audience, and to grow this audience through social media channels.

Francesca, MSc Digital Marketing student

"It was a unique and super enjoyable experience working with Moonhub for the Digital Skills programme. This opportunity allowed me to further develop my marketing and social media skills and explore the world of virtual reality and B2B startup. Immediately, I was openly welcomed by the entire Moonhub team. I was also involved in extra-work activities that allowed me to get to know each team member and understand the company culture. Special thanks to Hannah, who supported me throughout the project and believed in me. I am delighted to have received the opportunity to continue working with Moonhub and to be able to contribute more actively to the growth of the company."

Hannah, Moonhub

"Francesca has worked with us for a marketing project and has completed multiple blogs for our websites as well as a social media marketing report. We have been impressed with her dedication to this project, and as a result, we have offered Francesca a part-time social media/marketing paid internship with us whilst she finishes her master's at University.

We are really looking forward to working with Francesca in helping us create a larger audience on our social media channels and utilising her expertise and skills learnt through University and prior work placements. This is Francesca's first time working for a B2B company, and so we hope this job opportunity will prove to be beneficial for her as well."