Collaborate with us

By uniting our strengths in research, teaching and enterprise with the strengths of your organisation, we can create innovative solutions to a range of modern issues affecting industry, academia and society.

If your organisation is facing a challenge, our students and academic staff can bring new ideas and a fresh perspective to the problem, helping you to create innovative solutions that would not be possible if you tried to solve the issue on your own. If you are looking for insight to develop a product or service, our students and staff can help you to understand what customers really want, versus what your organisation or leadership team believes to be true.

Through collaboration with industry, our students are able to transform theory intro practice and shape the future development of a real organisation. They are given an insight into the inner workings of an organisation, and can use this experience to gain valuable skills that employers are looking for in future employees.

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Why collaborate with us?

  • Gain valuable insights and fresh ideas
  • Discover new ways to save time and maximise resource
  • Develop new products, services and processes
  • Help us to solve pressing global challenges
  • Gain access to bright new talent for your organisation

Get involved

Whether your aim is to collaborate with our students or our rich network of academic experts, there are endless possibilities for organisations who wish to partner with us.

The Collaborative Project

A key feature of our master's programmes is the Collaborative Project module, where an interdisciplinary team of students address a problem or brief put forward by an organisation. The team work together for a number of weeks to explore innovative and creative solutions to their brief, before presenting their findings back to their partner organisation.

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The Collaborative Dissertation

As a university, we recognise that not all organisations have the resources and infrastructure to undertake quality research. We also know that our master's students are often eager to engage with organisations and undertake research that makes a contrubution to the world beyond academia. The Collaborative Dissertation provides access to academically rigorous, supervised research that is tailored to an organisation's needs, through collaborative development of a master's dissertation topic.

Introduction to the Collaborative Dissertation PDF (3.63MB)

Whatever problem your organisation is facing, our students can help you to discover innovative solutions and ideas through the Collaborative Dissertation.

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Our consultancy service enables you to seek guidance and support from a recognised academic with research or teaching expertise in a specific area. Services include:

  • Enhancing your organisation's research capabilities
  • Gaining trusted expertise to tackle time-critical and complex challenges
  • Access to our specialist equipment, facilities and resources

For more information about our consultancy services, please email us.

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships provide organisations with the information and resources they need to solve a complex business need or problem. By entering into a Knowledge Transfer Partnership, organisations will work collaboratively with world-leading academic experts to uncover innovative new solutions that may not have been possible without the support of the university. The length of the project is subject to the needs of the organisation, and government funding is often made available to organisations to support the partnership. For more information, please visit the Knowledge Transfer Partnerships page on the Loughborough University website or visit Innovate UK.