This project focused primarily on improving the performance of an online sports booking platform.

Nishant, MSc Sport Analytics and Technologies:

"My work placement at Played was a valuable experience that allowed me to showcase my skills in data integration and analysis. My task involved building an internal dashboard for crucial company data. I had the opportunity to work individually, communicate with stakeholders, and adapt to new situations and technologies, all essential qualities in today's fast-paced business environment. The Played team were approachable and allowed me to be creative with the solution, which I feel was the highlight. Overall, my work placement at Played was a great learning experience, and I developed a wide range of skills that will be valuable for my future career."


"Nishant was very valuable during his placement. He has a high level of skill already and added a lot of value throughout. He was more of a subject matter expert on data analytics than we are and was able to easily get to grips with tasks and help the team learn. Nishant was extremely thorough with his research and went above and beyond throughout the project to deliver the best results. Nishant has a strong understanding of a range of different technologies and was able to help us discover new approaches. The Played team were very impressed by his technical ability as well as his attitude. Nishant was a great asset and we appreciate how much his contribution has helped us understand more about our product and our customers. The work carried out was of very high quality and Nishant was pro-active and enthusiastic, making things happen. We look forward to working with Nishant in the future when the opportunity arises."