Decyfr Sport is a British-American upstart sportstech venture aiming to educate new and non-endemic fans around sports such as the NFL, F1 and Premier League - thereby maximising international fan bases internationally, through immersive experiences and gamification.

About the project:

This Work Insight Project set out to identify and utilise best practice digital marketing to enhance Decyfr’s digital footprint and effectively target key demographics, evaluate key metrics such as click-through-rates, engagement rates, and cost per acquisition across the sport markets we are looking to target. The project also looked to carry out research and to propose ways in which Decyfr could inform their social media and digital marketing strategy.

Zhiyuan, MSc Sport Marketing:

“I joined Decyfr Sport and was mainly assigned with a task of analysing the social media content and providing thoughts and suggestions on reaching more target audience. I met with the Decyfr team virtually twice a week. On my working days, I would be assigned a task and then check in two hours to check how was everything going. At the end of the week I usually made a presentation. It was a really efficient, clear and pleasant communication, with thoughts and ideas sharing mutually. The Decyfr team are very open to listening to my ideas and always gave feedback on my work, which gave me more confidence. I am very happy that I could be helpful at Decyfr Sport, and I really appreciate Decyfr’s offer of a potential intern opportunity.”

Decyfr Sport:

“Zhiyuan joined Decyfr Sport in October to help us optimise our social media content -in order to more effectively reach our target audience. During his placement, he displayed strong research, analysis, and presentation skills -which helped us effectively benchmark relevant content, and tailor our offering in a stronger and more precise way. Additionally, his ability to showcase relevant and practical examples of how we could increase engagement, whilst also having a steady and consistent brand identity across our digital platforms helped inform our strategy. All in all - a very strong showing, and Zhiyuan developed into a very useful resource for us here at Decyfr Sport.”