iSpy Sport Search are an organisation looking to create and provide exposure and market opportunities for athletes, sports clubs and sporting organisations. iSpy Sport search have worked with LU LDN students on a number of Work Insight Projects and have been highly supportive in offering our students support and training in new digital areas.

About the project:

This Work Insight Project had objectives around building an online system for athletes to record stats, data, schedules, records, training, using online tools such as Clickup and Notion.

Yierpaen, MSc Sport Analytics and Technologies

“This project challenged me in various ways, one being I wasn't familiar with the digital software used - 'ClickUp', and also, working with outside organisations and people with experienced and professional backgrounds. Luckily with patient assistance and advice from the iSpy Sport team, I've been able to learn 'ClickUp' on my own, and had a few coaching sessions helped set up by Sam, which were really beneficial. I'm extremely satisfied with this project and this opportunity to improve my digital skills, communication and project related work skills.”

iSpy Sport Search

“Yierpaen took the project on without any fear. He understood the brief, and executed without a second thought. He is methodical in his thinking, and was able to go above and beyond in all the work accomplished. We had a consultation call with a large software company based in San Francisco who I had earmarked to help complete the project. After looking at the work Yierpaen had completed, they said there’s not really value they could add, due to the quality of Yierpaen’s work. The iSpy Sport team are extremely happy with how this project went.”