Adornment Archive

Adornment Archive are an online jewellery designer drawing inspiration from minimalist architecture.

 About the project:

This work insight project had a primary focus on helping Adornment Archive to grow their online audience with an international market by developing a growth strategy and improvements in website SEO.

 Maria, MSc Digital Marketing student:

"It's been a pleasure working with Adornment Archive, who made this Digital Skills experience a great opportunity for learning new digital marketing skills. In particular, I was identifying the most appropriate keywords for the jewelleries and I was planning and executed a TikTok strategy as well. Thus, this opportunity allowed me to become more comfortable in sharing my ideas. I also gained confidence in knowing how to apply all of the skills I learnt. Special thanks to the Adornment Archive team, who supported me through the project, and I am delighted to have received the opportunity to continue working with Adornment Archive.

I would say to someone who is thinking about doing the Digital Skills Programme but is not sure: You should definitely try it! The things you will learn are beneficial to any job role you might want to pursue.”

 Adornment Archive:

“The placement went really well, the Adornment Archive team felt Maria delivered on what was asked of her and couldn't fault her delivery or enthusiasm. Maria was a real pleasure to work with and had lots of ideas to bring to the table, we’ve had a great experience with Maria and Loughborough University London and would welcome future collaborations.”