MOONHUB provides high-quality training for forward-thinking companies by immersing users in interactive VR training scenarios, helping them gain and retain knowledge, whilst also providing the opportunity to onboard new staff.

About the project:

This work insight project focused on helping Moonhub develop a marketing strategy aiming to create digital content for their online audience, and to grow this audience through social media channels.

Francesca, MSc Digital Marketing student

"It was a unique and super enjoyable experience working with Moonhub for the Digital Skills programme. This opportunity allowed me to further develop my marketing and social media skills and explore the world of virtual reality and B2B startup. Immediately, I was openly welcomed by the entire Moonhub team. I was also involved in extra-work activities that allowed me to get to know each team member and understand the company culture. Special thanks to Hannah, who supported me throughout the project and believed in me. I am delighted to have received the opportunity to continue working with Moonhub and to be able to contribute more actively to the growth of the company."

Hannah, Moonhub

"Francesca has worked with us for a marketing project and has completed multiple blogs for our websites as well as a social media marketing report. We have been impressed with her dedication to this project, and as a result, we have offered Francesca a part-time social media/marketing paid internship with us whilst she finishes her master's at University.

We are really looking forward to working with Francesca in helping us create a larger audience on our social media channels and utilising her expertise and skills learnt through University and prior work placements. This is Francesca's first time working for a B2B company, and so we hope this job opportunity will prove to be beneficial for her as well."