A-Z of services

Loughborough University London offers a range of professional and commercial services to help new and existing businesses and support the local community.

Below is a list of just some of the ways we can support you as an individual or as an organisation.

Alumni Association

The Alumni Association is Loughborough University’s diverse network of over 160,000 graduates, who are now living and working all over the world.

The Alumni Association issue a regular monthly e- newsletter to all alumni, and will distribute tailored communications regarding events, activities and opportunities taking place for alumni in each country and region.

Business Plan Support

Whether you are planning a new start-up or are simply intrigued by the idea of launching a business, our flexible package of support gives individuals a chance to discuss their ideas and get advice on next steps. For more information, please email London-employability@lboro.ac.uk.

Careers fairs

High profile recruitment fairs are a great way to raise brand awareness and network face to face with interested, motivated and engaged students. Loughborough University Careers Fairs are extremely well attended; our flagship event in the autumn term on our East Midlands campus attracts more than 6000 students and is the largest campus careers fair in the UK.

In addition to our renowned, university-wide Autumn and Spring Fairs, we also hold a series of specialised fairs and networking events on an annual basis. Fairs are held at key times in the recruitment calandar, to ensure that your presence on campus has maximum benefit for both your organisation and the students.

Collaborative Project

The Collaborative Project enables organisations to work with an interdisciplinary team of postgraduate students, who will spend four months exploring innovative and creative solutions to your business needs. Each student is able to apply their individual skills, experiences and expertise to the problem brief, resulting in a range of original ideas to transform your business. If your business would like to take part, please email the Collaborative Project Manager, Ashley Gray.

Conferences, events and venue hire

Whether you are planning a conference, a training session or an exhibition, we can provide you with everything you need to make your event a success. Services include catering, conferencing facilities and events support. To discuss your requirements, please email: London@lboro.ac.uk.


Our consultancy service enables you to seek guidance and support from an academic with expertise in a specific area, or from a team of individuals covering a range of different interests. Services include:

  • Enhancing your organisation's research capabilities
  • Hiring trusted expertise to tackle time-critical and complex challenges
  • Access to our specialist equipment, facilities and resources

For more information about our consultancy services, please email us.


Loughborough University London is committed to helping businesses thrive by developing new ideas, solving problems and sharing expertise. Find out more about how we can work with you.

Enterprise training

The Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship provides enterprise and innovation management programmes for individuals interested in growing a business or transforming an idea into a success story.

Graduate recruitment

Loughborough University London is committed to developing work-ready graduates with the right skills and experiences they need to succeed in the workplace.

Loughborough University’s Careers Network offers access to our talented pool of graduates from both campuses, and is responsible for the UK’s largest Careers Fair. Our Careers Fairs are a great way to raise awareness of your organisation among our students and promote your brand as an active employer.

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships

A Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) is a three-way collaboration between the University, a private or public sector business and a graduate working on a project geared to your strategic growth.

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships allow access to the innovative ideas and skills of our researchers, enabling your organisation to achieve its strategic goals. Find out more on the Loughborough University website.


Holding a presentation on campus allows you to introduce your company to pro-active students who are interested in learning more about your organisation and the opportunities on offer. You also provide the students with an opportunity to ask questions and learn about the culture and values of your organisation. A networking session can follow your presentation, allowing you to discuss your opportunities in more detail with students.

Small business support

If you are a smaller business, we will offer you free specialist support in finding a recruitment solution at Loughborough University, working to ensure that our students and graduates are aware of the fantastic opportunities available to them.

We can help you to draft job descriptions, person specifications and attractive adverts, and support you in generating applications year round, whenever your recruitment need arises.

Student placements and internships

Offering placements and internships enables your organisation to work with our highly skilled postgraduates, and benefit from their knowledge and expertise. To discuss a placement and internship opportunity for our students, please email London-employability@lboro.ac.uk.

Summer schools

Loughborough University London is an ideal venue for English language, sports and other specialist student camps. The vibrant and secure campus boasts excellent teaching, accommodation, dining, sports and entertainment facilities. For more information, please email our Business Development Manager, Benjamin Dobie.