UX and web content expansion - making changes to existing web structure.

Nidhi, MA/MSc Design Innovation:

"Digital Skills Programme placement with AppyMaps gave me the platform to reach the targeted audience through the expansion of project work via UX and Web Content Design. I enjoyed working on this placement because I got the chance to empathize with social entrepreneurs, community leaders and community members. It allowed me to make improvements and updates to the company’s website by considering the user journey and experience and the company’s values. The design and market research helped to create effective personas, low and high-fidelity prototypes, and dynamic pages for the website. The relevant brief and tasks during this placement have contributed towards my design journey during my MSc Design Innovation course. The constant support, independence, and feedback from the Appymaps team has enabled the completion of the project successfully with more optimistic learnings."


"Nidhi has started the project in the middle of November and decided to agree to the difficult project of improving AppyMaps’s website UX presence to deliver a more effective message about mission, vision, aim, product and service and customer/user flows.

The project included review of the previous version of the website and UX research and content design, competitors and good practices research and it continues together with AppyMaps Director in building Low Fidelity and Medium-High End Website mock-ups for the next version of the website that will be completed in house.

Here at AppyMaps we cannot be more proud of Nidhi’s work. She is a very creative, reliable and driven on the job.

On the creative side, she proposed ideas that brought to few solutions and innovations, especially the graphical side of her work. She made us have a few wow moments.

On the reliability and been a driven person sides, Nidhi is showing commitment on the project and great evaluation of her own effort. She is smart and willing to impact and I notice a high level reflection on objectives and timelines that have definitely improved the flow of her job.

A big well done Nidhi."