Alan Brejnholt

An Institutional perspective on firm level sustainability and Emerging Market Multinational Corporations (EMNCs)

Alan Brejnholt, PhD student

The research concerns areas of international management such as the rise of EMNCs as institutional players in in the global arena, corporate governance practice of EMNCs, their internationalisation and response to sustainability.

Alan holds a double master degree from Copenhagen Business School in International Business and Politics and the global alliance programme in CEMS International Management from Nova School of Business and Economics. He has experience from strategic management in multiple European MNCs as well as social impact sector in Brazil. The former for instance related to strategic scenario planning and political risk analysis. The latter by motivating companies in their transition of corporate activity to higher levels of business resilience and reduction of externalities throughout the value chain using standards and labels as a governance indicator. 

PhD research description

At Loughborough University London, Alan seeks to continue building on experiences to develop an aptitude for regulating and governing international business in the global political economy. In his research Alan takes a critical angle on measures of standards on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Environmental, Social and Governance criteria (ESG) to appreciate EMNCs social and environmental impact. Questions revolve around institutional effects on EMNCs corporate governance and adoption of sustainability. The focus is mostly targeted Brazilian MNCs in their home market and in their internationalisation. This includes a multilevel analysis of corporate governance in the Brazilian market and in the operations in the foreign market(s). The purpose is to contribute to sustainability adoption for the benefit of the firm and wider society acknowledging that EMNCs will be playing an increasingly important role in addressing the UN sustainable development goals. Key terms are therefore comparative corporate governance, varieties of sustainability, internationalisation of EMNCs. 

PhD supervisors

Awards, grants or scholarships received

Full studentship at Loughbourguh University London.

Papers, publications and articles

CSR and State Affiliated Organisations in The Oxford Handbook of State Capitalism (working chapter).

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Interests and activities

Alan is an active sports participant as well being fond of taking part in theatre performances.

His favorite team, Viborg FF, tends to enjoy a scramble at the bottom of the Danish second division. His favorite actor is Robin Williams.

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