Ian Hill

Contradictions in the Software Labour Process

Ian is a PhD candidate within the Institute of International Management. Broadly, he is interested in the Sociology of Work, and more specifically, he is interested in investigating the contradictions managers face in regards to the work organisation of software development.

Following a BSc in Sociology, at the University of Surrey, and an MA in Race & Ethnicity Studies, at the University of Leeds; Ian has compiled over ten years of teaching & administrative experience within Higher Education. He is currently employed as a full time Teaching Fellow in Work and Organisational Behaviour at King's College London.

PhD research description

Ian's research is concerned with the contradictions managers face in regard to the work organisation of software development. His research is concerned with a qualitative comparison between tech co-ops and more traditionally owned tech organisations with the participant observation and semi structured interviews as his methods. Ian is interested in concepts such as hierarchy, control, autonomy and empowerment. He is looking to explain variations between co-ops and non co-ops in relation to the aforementioned concepts.

PhD supervisors

Ian is currently supervised by Dr Matt Vidal and Dr Clive Trusson.

Interests and activities

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