Ian Hill

Teamwork in the Labour Process: a comparison between professional and non-professional work

Ian is a PhD candidate within the Institute of International Management. Broadly, he is interested in the Sociology of Work, and more specifically, he is interested in investigating teamwork in the labour process between professional and non-professional work. His study involves a qualitative investigation of four case study organisations, two in IT and two in manufacturing.

Following a BSc. in Sociology, at the University of Surrey, and an MA in Race & Ethnicity Studies, at the University of Leeds; Ian has compiled over ten years of teaching & administrative experience within Higher Education. His positions include: Module Convenor & Lead Tutor, in the Sociology of Work, at King's College London; Lecturer in Organisational Behaviour at CAPA International Education and External Examiner in Sociology for CATS Education.

PhD research description

Ian's PhD involves investigating teamwork in the labour process and is a comparison of professional work and non-professional work. This involves a qualitative investigation of four organisations: two in IT and two in manufacturing.

Arguably, labour process scholarship, originates from Marx's Capital volume one. Marx explained that every worker employed on a wage – labour contract would be (and still is) involved in the labour process. However, the extraction of surplus value from any worker is contradictory. This is because on the one hand, management need to ensure that workers carry out their work effectively, but on the other hand, they need to ensure that profit is extracted from the worker. This leads to differing levels of managerial control and worker autonomy within the workplace.

Traditionally, labour process scholarship has been investigated in non-professional settings, but more recently a number of studies have extended the study of the labour process to professional occupations. Therefore, Ian’s thesis will continue this theme and seek to explore how competing pressures for autonomy and control interact in manufacturing and IT.

PhD supervisors

Ian is supervised within the Institute for International Management by Dr Matt Vidal and Dr Clive Trusson (Loughborough University). 

Interests and activities

Ian is originally from London and enjoys the diverse nature of the city. He enjoys frequenting different restaurants, concerts, sporting events, museums and more. For his sins, he is a keen supporter of Charlton Athletic Football Club and has been attending home matches for the last 20 years. Ian also enjoys travelling to different cities (and beaches) around Europe, North America and beyond. 

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ianjhill/

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