Digital Technologies

Current Research

affec teach


The AffecTeach project aims to investigate the effects of computer based affective recommendation systems on teachers' cognitive-emotional development.

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SAFE project illustration

SAFE: Secure and Usable IoT Ecosystem

This collaborative project aims at deploying Internet-of-Things (IoT) platforms to interact with people who require continuous healthcare assistance.

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CLOUDSCREENS: Support of cloud services for multimedia delivery and consumption

The CLOUDSCREENS project provided a unique multinational, multidisciplinary and inter-sectoral training network for early stage researchers.

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MacBook Pro on desk

ROMEO: Remote Collaborative Real-time Multimedia Experience Over the Future Internet

With high-bandwidth services of the future in mind, the project developed a fully functional and demonstrable platform for 3D multi-view video and associated spatial audio.

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Binary numbers

DIOMEDES: Distribution of Multi-view Entertainment Using Content Aware Delivery Systems

The project focused on investigating and developing new methods for the compression and delivery of multi-view video and multi-channel audio to users.

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Abstract flower

MUSCADE: Multimedia Scalable 3D for Europe

The MUSCADE project defined, developed, validated, and evaluated the technological innovations in 3D-TV capturing, data representation, compression, transmission and rendering, and display adaptations required for a technically efficient and commercially successful end-to-end 3D-TV broadcast system.

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Smartphone being used

VISNET I and II: Networked Audiovisual Media Technologies

Covering 3 major thematic areas related to networked 2D/3D audiovisual systems and home platforms: Video coding, audiovisual media processing and security

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Broadcast quality camera

SUIT: Scalable Ultra Fast and Interoperable Interactive Television

The project aimed to develop a working demonstrator for interactive scalable video over multiple wireless broadcast systems. The project utilised the Scalable Video Codec (SVC) to produce digital video adaptable to wireless channel conditions and various terminal capabilities.

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Futuristic office

Personalised spaces for immersive and social media experiences

This project aims to develop immersive and interactive audio-visual environments for users to enjoy the 3D immersive content, interact with it and share it with the users in their social groups without disturbing others in their shared location.

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Abstract image of a network of nerves

Hybrid satellite and terrestrial networking for extended and efficient broadband coverage

This project aims to investigate and develop the integrated hybrid utilisation of terrestrial and satellite networks to provide complete overall coverage, increased per user throughput, lower cost, and enable increased sustainable user Quality of Experience (QoE).

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Crowd at gig

Remote interactive content sharing for collaborative and immersive social experience

This project facilitates an end-to-end connectivity for remote users on both fixed and mobile terminals to share, interact with, and jointly experience events in an immersive environment.

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Audio wave

3D audio and blind source separation

The investigation in this project evaluates and estimates the quality and coverage of the representative candidate head-related transfer functions (HRTFs), such as functionality and reliability in operation against uncertainties of spatial auditory perception.

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Computerised face

Speech synthesis and recognition in robotic systems designed to help people

Human-like natural speech synthesis, highly robust speech recognition, multimodal interaction, situation recognition, and complex dialogue management methods will be developed.

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