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Case studies

TV remote control


3D-TV gives viewers an enhanced impression of depth by presenting the scene from slightly varying viewing angles to both eyes. This case study focuses on capturing, processing, compression, transmission and rendering processes of 3D-TV.

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Lens flair

Quality of experience

This case study addresses the modelling of 3D audio-visual Quality of Experience (QoE), a key focus of the IDT's research agenda.

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Audio wave

Spatial audio

This case study explores immersive audio rendering system for 3D multimedia content, personal audio spaces and object-based spatial audio application.

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iPhone next to notepad

Blind source separation in real-time

This case study explores the real-time blind source separation (BSS) system developed by the IDT that can be used in a number of consumer products and applications.

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iPad and laptop being used

Radio frequency traffic classification over WLAN networks

The aim of this case study is to investigate whether there are features that can be extracted from the Radio Frequency (RF) domain over a WLAN wireless network.

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PhD student case studies

Jamie Roche, PhD Researcher

Jamie, from Ireland, is a PhD student at Loughborough University London studying under the Institute for Digital Technologies. Prior to his studies at Loughborough, Jamie studied at several universities across Ireland leading to his current PhD specialisation.

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