Career Insight Day

Thursday 2 November 2023, 17:00 - 20:30

Our Careers Insight Day will feature 5 amazing panels of alumni, employers and partners. We will be joined by representatives from EY, IMG Arena, Sport Radar, Goldman Sachs, NewDay, One Plan, AI Scout, Plexal, 4Global, IMG/7 League, Sports Interactive and more.

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Welcome and Keynote 17:00-17:30 Future Space Rachel Edwards LendLease
Design and Innovation 17:30-18:30 Future Space Panel will include EY Seren, NewDay, Sport Radar, Deliveroo, and Vorboss
Graduate Schemes and Management 17:30-18:30 LDN.0.17/0.18 Panel will include Clearsulting, Aldi, Amazon, Delta Capita, and Goldman Sachs
Loughborough Enterprise Network Founders Forum 18:30-19:30 Future Space Panel will include Loughborough founders
Marketing and Sales 18:30-19:30 LDN.0.17/0.18 Panel will include IMG Arena, London Communications Agency, Abacus Group, Ballys Interactive
Talent+ Panel Session 19:30-20:00 Future Space Join Talent+ partners as they share employer insights, and discuss what skills and attributes they look for in graduates. We will be joined by Talent+ partners representing OnePlan, AiScout, Plexal, 4Global, IMG / 7 League and Sports Interactive.
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Event speakers


Rachel Edwards - Lendlease

Rachel is Workplace Future Lead, Lendlease Europe. Passionate about the need for a leadership approach to the future of work, she works across Lendlease’s UK commercial development pipeline to ensure the buildings and neighbourhoods that people work are future-proofed for the next generation. She has over 15 years of experience in supporting the transformation of organisations through workplace strategy and using data driven insights to influence human-focused design.

Design and Innovation 17:30 - 18:30 Future Space

Design and Innovation

Yasemin Canik

Was MSc Design Innovation Now Senior Service Design Consultant at EY-Seren

Yasemin is a Senior Service Design Consultant at EY-Seren. Her recent projects focused on exploring and designing digitally enabled services to deliver long-term value for customers and the society. She previously worked at HSSMI, a Sustainable Manufacturing Consultancy for 6 years. She led or contributed to engineering and marketing projects to improve customer, employee and brand experience through design. Yasemin holds a PhD degree in User-centred Design and MSc Degree in Design Innovation Management from Loughborough University in London. Powered by her design experience and expertise in practice and academia, she is ambitious to continue working on projects that add value to the society, organisations and environment. To achieve this, she is committed to grow her design knowledge and her current interests are Systems Thinking, Future of Design, Generative AI and Circular Economy.

Tanvi Aggarwal

Was MSc. Entrepreneurship, Finance and Innovation Now Product Manager NewDay.

Tanvi has spent 7+ years creating digital products and services. Currently working with NewDay, a credit card provider in London, where she is managing multiple API product teams. Some of the products include an API shop developer portal, Open Banking APIs and innovative ways to deploy Infrastructure-as-code. Prior to this, she worked as a product owner at Barclays Bank London and Reliance Jio, India’s largest telco.

Tanvi’s product approach is influence by her two Masters in Innovation (Lboro, London) and Business administration (India) and a bachelor’s in technology (India). She is passionate about learning continuously, leadership and supporting young talent in their product ownership journey.

Wing Hoang

Was MSc. Internet Technologies with Business Management Now Technical Product Manager at Vorboss.

Wing is a former aspiring illustrator turned Product Manager, with 6 years experience in the field. He has worked across products in machine-learning, AI, Blockchain, NFTs and is now developing the next-generation customer relationship management system at Vorboss, which seeks to rebuild the fibre optics infrastructure in London. He is passionate about supporting the next generation of entrepreneurs, and owes a lot of his product know-how to unlikely sources including game design, art and more.

Petros Gazelidis

Was MSc. Sport Business & leadership Now Sport Radar

Petros is a Product Manager with an extensive background in the sports industry, particularly in the realm of tech products. Presently, he is responsible for Sportradar's Software Development Kit (SDK) in London, UK, driving the evolution of Sportradar's tech offerings. With a strong foundation built through roles at Bidstack Group PLC and Sportskred, Petros brings a wealth of expertise in product lifecycle management and technological advancements. Notably, his experience as a QA Tester at Sports Interactive has equipped him with a comprehensive understanding of product development processes and quality assurance standards. Petros holds a Master's degree in Sport Business and Leadership from Loughborough University London and a Bachelor's in Marketing from Lancaster University. He served as a Student Ambassador at Loughborough University, effectively communicating the institution's strengths to potential students and corporate partners.

Albina Cholak - Deliveroo

Was MSc. Design Innovation Now Staff Product Designer at Deliveroo

Graduate Schemes and Management 17:30 - 18:30 LDN 0.17/0.18

Graduate Schemes and Management

Lisa Lang

Was MSc International Management Now Amazon Fresh Project Analyst

I am Lisa, an International Management graduate from Loughborough University, class of 2019. Upon graduation, I began my professional journey with Immense Simulations as a Business Analyst, diving deep into the technological facets of the future mobility and transportation industry. For over 2.5 years now, I've been with Amazon, transitioning from Amazon Logistics and currently playing an instrumental role in Amazon Fresh as a Project Analyst within the Store Development team. My passion lies in harnessing technology and innovation, and their application in real-world scenarios to drive efficiencies and results. In addition, I'm honoured to be a part of the Amazon UK Sustainability Leadership team, ensuring that our technological advancements are paired with responsibility. I also actively engage in affinity group discussions, highlighting the importance of inclusivity and diverse perspectives in our ever-evolving industry.

Malo Cherel

Was MSc. International Management & Emerging Economies Now DCC Group.

Malo attended Loughborough University London in 2020-2021, completing his MSc in International Management & Emerging Economies and starting a grad scheme with the DCC Group straight after. During this rotational programme, he took on roles as a business analyst in a French energy business and a business development & strategy executive in an Irish healthcare company. The former included data analysis, process optimisation and some project management, whilst the latter was more focused on supporting the business with its long term strategy and M&A activities through research and reporting, as well as project managing high profile value creation projects.

Victoria Sedlak

Was MSc. Risk, Governance and International Management now Delta Capita

In 2021-2022, Victoria pursued her MSc in Risk, Governance, and International Management at Loughborough University London. Subsequently, she commenced a graduate program at Delta Capita (formerly known as JDX Consulting). During her initial year, she assumed a compliance position in a tier 1 investment bank. Her responsibilities involved identifying potential issues by conducting thorough investigations, engaging in discussions with relevant stakeholders to document remedial actions, and overseeing the closure verification for these issues. In her second year, Victoria transitioned to the role of a business manager at a tier 2 investment bank, overseeing sales teams across Central Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Africa and CIS regions, specialising in fixed income and currencies.

Rhianna Leslie

Was MSc. International Management now Aldi Area Manager

Hello! My name is Rhianna and I attended Loughborough University London in 2020-2021, completing my MSc in International Management. I then started a Graduate Scheme with Aldi in July 2022 as an Area Manager, which allowed me to combine my love of retail with wider management responsibilities. It’s an all-encompassing role and I am responsible for the people within and performance of multiple stores across London. Applying for graduate schemes is definitely a process and can be time-consuming, however there are some top tips that you can follow in order to stand-out amongst other applicants. I’m looking forward to sharing these with you and discussing the Aldi grad scheme in more detail!

Giannis Maroulas

Was MSc. Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management Now Goldman Sachs

Hello everyone! I’m Giannis, and I graduated with an MSc in Entrepreneurship and Innovation management in 2018. Post Loughborough, I went back to Greece and served in the Army for a year, and then moved to Luxembourg - where I found a job in KPMG Luxembourg within the Knowledge management Department. After 2 years of serving a big number of clients and supervising all the internal and external Research, I moved to Goldman Sachs Luxembourg in the Private Wealth management department.

My passion has always been to meet new people and never stop learning - most of the times through the knowledge and experience of other people with whom life has brought us together. Just like now. I'm looking forward to speaking with you all!

Angel Odumosu

Was MSc. International Management now Consulting Analyst Clearsulting

Marketing & Sales 18:30 - 19:30 LDN 0.17/0.18

Marketing and Sales

Karim Ramadan ElSayed

Was MSc. Digital Marketing Alum now Marketing Manager at LCA.

Hi! I'm Karim, and I graduated with an MSc in Digital Marketing in February 2022. As one of the more senior students during my studies with four years of work experience under my belt, I can still safely say that Loughborough has been a cornerstone for my personal and career development and I owe them my first job during and after graduation, as well as my dear friends and one roommate here in London.

I recently joined LCA after almost two years at MOONHUB, a tech startup based in Here East which I was introduced to via an email from Ben! MOONHUB has been part of the network of startups within the Future Space programme. I interned there during my studies and got offered a full-time role after graduation and soon after, I became the Head of Marketing, slowly building my own marketing team of 3 in the space of 10 months. Today, I'm LCA's first-ever Marketing Manager. LCA is London's top PR and PA agency in the built environment and their ambitions are to expand nationally and soon internationally as well - which is where I come in. I spearhead our internal marketing activities, manage our events and raise our profile online to help further boost the LCA brand across the UK. Looking forward to meeting you all and speaking to you about all things marketing!

Keerthana Ananthabhotla

Was MSc. Digital Marketing Now Marketing Automation Executive Ballys

Hello there! I'm Keerthana, and I graduated with an MSc in Digital Marketing in February 2022. My university days were quite eventful, I was a student ambassador and PSSN Events lead. I took part in digital skills programme, managed to do a collaborative dissertation, and got a paid internship through LUL’s careers website!

I Joined Bally’s right after my course and work as a Marketing Automation Executive. I oversee the primary marketing technology platform and focus on optimizing it for the best use by the CRM teams. My passion has always been in the technical aspects of marketing, and I'm thrilled to say that's exactly where I am now, thoroughly enjoying every moment of it. I'm looking forward to speaking with you all!

Yierpaen Paredong

Was MSc. Sport Analytics and Technologies Now IMG Arena

Hi, my name is Yierpaen Paredong, a Loughborough through and through, having completed BSc Sport Management & MSc Sport Analytics and Technologies at Loughborough, now I have been working at IMG Arena as Content Handling Specialist for a year. Looking back to my postgraduate year at our London campus, the range of opportunities that helped my personal growth outside of academic study was invaluable and one of the main reasons that I had such a fulfilling year. Keep exploring the career network and Future Space would be a no-brainer if you want to be as prepared as you can before making the career move.

Mila Burmova

Was MSc. Digital Marketing Now Marketing Manager Abacus Group.

Mila is a Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) qualified marketer, currently working as a Marketing Manager at Abacus Group in London, UK. Mila has obtained a bachelor’s degree in business and marketing from Coventry University and after completing her Master's Degree in Digital Marketing at Loughborough University London, she started her career in the B2B technology industry in London. Mila’s background in Business and Marketing has proven her core competencies in designing and executing successful marketing strategies that are successfully contributing to an increase in revenues. Mila also serves as a student mentor, helping students find career opportunities by educating them on how to use self-awareness and emotional intelligence frameworks and tools to develop their full potential. Biking and walking in nature are Mila’s favourite activities outside of work.

Founders Forum

Hannah Beecham MBE – Red Together

Hannah Beecham MBE is the founder of RED January, a nationwide movement and mental health campaign, that empowers people to overcome barriers that currently lead to higher inactivity and lower wellbeing in the winter.
The winter campaign leads a year-round mission to support movement and mental health projects that can drive real change in local communities, this includes campaigning for positive change in UK workplaces.
Since 2016, over 270,000 have joined the campaign, so far raising more than £3.2 million as part of their annual personal movement challenge.

Jess Strain - Ovrbloom

Jess Strain Loughborough University Graduate and founder of Ovrbloom. Ovrbloom was founded to help make the fashion industry more transparent. The company offers products such as summer hats, complete with their own QR code explaining which fabrics have been used, who has made the products and how much they have been paid.

Talent+ Panel

Holly Flynn – OnePlan

Holly - Hi, I’m Holly! As a very recent graduate, OnePlan is my first experience in the business world. I graduated from the University of Sheffield in July 2023 and have started my new role as a graduate project assistant, working in a rotation of sales, marketing, and product.  I heard about OnePlan through a current employee who was able to help me set up some meetings about a marketing internship over the summer of 2022; following this, I was invited back to work for the company post-graduation in their new graduate role. Before OnePlan, I worked in hospitality both at home and during uni.  Currently working in the sales portion of the business, I am focussing on lead generation and learning vital sales techniques. Throughout the nine months of rotation, I hope to get a grasp of the whole business and identify where my strengths lie.

Callum Bradshaw - OnePlan

Callum - Hi I’m Callum. I graduated from the University of Bath in 2023 with a Maths and Stats degree and started working at OnePlan as my first job after uni. I am a Data Analyst at OnePlan which involves supporting every part of the business that needs help with reporting on their data. While at University, I did a placement year as a Data Scientist at AstraZeneca, which helped me massively when applying to jobs after uni. So, I now have around 2 years of experience in the data space. Looking forward to meeting you all and I will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Ricardo Domingos – Sports Interactive

Hi, I’m Ricardo. I studied Sport Analytics and Technology at Loughborough University and now work as the Commercial Partnerships Executive at Sports Interactive – the studio behind the Football Manager series. My role sits within the Partnerships and Business Development department, and we cover most work streams that involve external partners. This includes football clubs, commercial partners, non-profits as well as merchandise, in-game advertising and organisations involved in equality, diversity and inclusion initiatives. We cover quite a range, this is demonstrated in two recent projects; renewing our partnership with Venezia FC which saw our social media team fly out to Venice to shoot some great TikTok and Instagram content, and our recent partnership with Adidas and Stormzy’s #MerkyFC which aims to help more people of black heritage enter the sport industry.

Danielle Carnegie - Plexal

Danielle boasts a diverse professional background that spans various global and UK industries, including organizations like BP, the NHS, and Inchcape Shipping Services and has recently joined Plexal as their Head of People & Culture.

With a wealth of practical expertise and experience, Danni offers invaluable insights for both organizations and job seekers. She strongly advocates for the promotion of inclusive and diverse workplaces, emphasizing the real-world application of recruitment strategies. Her goal is to elevate the understanding of workplace recruitment, inspiring a drive for transformation and growth in the professional arena. Her profound passion and unwavering commitment to inclusivity underscore her vision for a more equitable and promising future in the world of work.

Ashley Shaner - IMG

Ashley Shaner is the Vice President of Strategy and Operations at Seven League, the digital sports arm of IMG, a global leader in sports, fashion, events and media. With 15 years of experience her career brings together ground-breaking digital work with clients, as well as a commitment to knowledge-sharing, mentorship, championing women in sport and educating the world on web3. In her current role she is responsible for driving change, growth and the future outlook of the business, and oversees client relationships with some of Seven League’s most trusted, high-profile partnerships. With a love of culture and travel, combined with the desire to refine her expertise and round-out her international experience, inspired Ashley to relocate to the UK in 2018 to pursue an Executive MBA. Previously, during her time in the US, she has also held roles at Major League Baseball (MLB) and Bloomberg Media.

At MLB she led strategic digital sponsorship for the Southeast territory, and created innovative sponsorship deals with some of MLB’s biggest sports partners including Pepsi, Citi, United, and Under Armour.

During her time at Bloomberg Media, she was also instrumental in running and growing the Southeast region in the US, working with B2B brands to devise multi-platform marketing and advertising programs for the likes of Audi, CISCO, Lenovo, Brand USA, Marriott, Workday, and VW. Ashley is a true champion of women in the industry, using both her personal and professional time and energy to help usher in meaningful change and improve the narrative of women working in sport.

Matt Carroll – Sports Interactive

Since 2018, Matt is COO of Sports Interactive, creators of the Championship Manager and Football Manager series and a “pillar studio” of SEGA. Matt oversees the studio finance, hr and people, office management and supports business strategy, marketing, and partnerships. As a facilitator of studio excellence, he spends a lot of time on operational effectiveness. Sports Interactive are based at Here East, Stratford East London and currently have 290 team members working fully flexibly. Football Manager 2024 is published on all formats (PC/Mac/PS5/Xbox X/S/Nintendo Switch/Netflix iOS & Android/+1 to be announced platform) on Monday 6th November 4pm BST. It will be the 6th annual published Football Manager while Matt has been in studio.

After roles in book publishing and local government leisure services, Matt started in the games industry in 1996 with MicroProse as a product manager. His first titles included Worms 2, Star Trek Generations and Falcon 4.0. MicroProse was taken over by Hasbro Interactive in 1999 where Matt joined as brand director with portfolio of 70+ products including Rollercoaster Tycoon, relaunching Atari and Grand Prix Formula1 3. In 2001 Matt joined Disney Interactive and spent 16 years working on commercial and publishing roles across a large portfolio of licensed and published games including Split Second, Sing It! High School Musical, Club Penguin, Gardens of Time and many more. In addition to games, Matt has explored monetisation of web sites, YouTube, film and tv digital distribution and more.

Matt was a former board member and treasurer of industry trade body UKIE, chairing the online group. He currently participates in Loughborough London Monday Mentoring.