Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Current research

Research plays a key role in understanding business success, by providing individuals and teams with critical insights into how to launch a business, or make a new or existing enterprise more successful.

Academics from the Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship work in collaboration with innovative organisations across a variety of industry sectors. These partnerships enable our staff and research students to gather primary data from a broad range of sources and determine what impact our research has in practice.

The Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship is focused on harnessing the innovative strategy of enterprises in order to cultivate successful entrepreneurial behaviour. The Institute's key areas of research include:

Digital Innovation

  • Collaboration between organisations to create innovation from a social network perspective
  • Digital enterprise
  • Online entrepreneurial activity

Social Science and Enterprise

  • Entrepreneurial creativity and imagination
  • Gender intersectionality and entrepreneurship

Business Development

  • Entrepreneurship and family firms
  • Management buy-outs in family owned companies
  • Adoption of technological innovation by small firms