Loughborough Students' Union London

Sometimes your studies don’t go to plan or quite the way you hoped they would. Loughborough Students’ Union London is always on your side and is here to support you throughout your time at University.

Loughborough Students’ Union London (LSU London) is an organisation run to ensure that you have the best possible experience whilst studying here. They are an independent organisation, separate from the University, although they work in partnership to ensure that the experience is a great all round one for all students. LSU London is located on the second floor of the University (turn left out of the lifts).

LSU London has several key functions in your experience at Loughborough University London; They operate the programme representative system at the campus ensuring that all students have the opportunity to have their voice heard and provide feedback to improve their course. Alongside this they offer several ways in which you can feed into any aspect your student experience and suggest improvements. Lastly, they offer a confidential advice service known as Student Voice London where you can receive support with a range of topics;

  1. academic misconduct (brought against you by the University),
  2. appealing your results (where for specific reasons you are unhappy with processes around your assessments),
  3. disciplinary situations (brought against you by the University),
  4. complaints about the University or your experience (in a range of topics)

If you require support with any of these topics please contact Student Voice London at voiceadvisorlondon@lsu.co.uk for confidential advice and guidance. To arrange an appointment with a member of staff please ensure that you email an overview of your enquiry, any documents that are relevant and also your availability.

LSU London’s office opening hours are Monday to Friday, 10am-1pm and 2pm-4pm on the second floor of campus.

Students are at the heart of everything we do and we love hearing from you. You can contact us or follow us on the following pages. These are the only place where we advertise our events and activities so make sure you keep an eye on them during your time with us.  

Every student is automatically a member of Loughborough Students’ Union and by association Loughborough Students’ Union London. Being a member is completely free and that means you can come to us for support, take part in our annual elections and join the LSU London student community.