Student Ambassadors

We recruit enthusiastic students with a passion for Loughborough University London at the start of each academic year.

As a student ambassador, you will have the opportunity to work alongside other students as well as staff on a variety of events, both on campus and around London. The working hours for the role are designed to be flexible, so that you can plan your work commitments around your studies.

Taking part in the ambassador programme will give you the opportunity to work with people of all ages, nationalities and backgrounds and it is an excellent way of demonstrating your communication and team building skills. We seek and actively encourage students of all nationalities, cultural backgrounds and personalities to apply for the Student Ambassador Roles.

Our Student Ambassadors support a range of events and activities by engaging with prospective postgraduate students, as well as external stakeholders, such as organisation representatives, visiting academics and the local community. Our Student Ambassadors offer invaluable support to a variety of university teams, including Professional Services, Marketing and Advancement, Alumni and the International Office.

The best thing about being a student ambassador is helping to uphold the UK’s best student experience by being helpful and useful to somebody in need.

Yitian Ma

Student Ambassadors support:

  • Open days/recruitment events
  • Campus tours
  • Online web chats
  • Telephone calls to applicants
  • Answering questions via email
  • Producing blogs and other marketing content
  • Public speaking
  • Induction of new students
  • Engaging with international agents
  • Utilising social media platforms to positively represent Loughborough University London
  • Attend events to positively represent Loughborough University London

Loughborough student ambassador attributes

Active, collegial and inclusiveProfessional, creative and enterprising    Resilient, reflective and inquisitive 
Versatile team worker - collegial and collaborative Innovative and enterprising - research-minded and inquiring Resilient and adaptable - determined and motivated  
Caring, ethical and with integrity - globally minded, thriving in diversity Reliable and committed - getting things done, and done well Reflective and articulate - critical and analytical thinkers     
Active participant - positively engaged Competitive high achiever - reaching potential, demonstrating leadership Agile lifelong learner - rounded and grounded
  Passionate, principled and proud  

I have broadened my network and enriched my CV, as a result, I get a better preparation for my future work.

Yi Liu

For more information, please contact:

Support Office