We understand that finding a place to live for the duration of your studies is an important decision. We're here to help you find safe, well-managed and affordable accommodation, that's why we have approved a number of accommodation options to suit your lifestyle and budget.

Rental accommodation in London tends to range in price depending on the London transport zone you live in. Loughborough University London is located on the border of the transport Zones 2 and 3. You’ll generally pay more for accommodation in Zone 1, and less if you are based in Zone 6. Below you will be able to find a few accommodation options near our London campus. 

One Pool Street   

We have secured a limited number of rooms with One Pool Street for our students starting in January 2024. One Pool Street it’s a new self-catered hall, located in the heart of Stratford and just a 15-minute walk from our campus.  

The tenancy is from 3 Jan 24 - 11 Sept 24 and the early bird cost of each room (single, ensuite) is £290 per week

Please complete the form if you wish to apply for accommodation at One Pool Street.

Apply now


Wick Park is Premium Student accommodation, located opposite the London stadium 1,000 metres from the Loughborough London campus! Wick Park is situated in the highly desirable and vibrant Hackney Wick location, offering a luxurious, modern experience for students. 

For limited time only, Loughborough London students can apply the following code - Loughone - in the notes box on the enquiry form to honour the premium price of £450 per week for our students only.  

Hackney Wick Park

London Wick 

Wick Park is not just a living and study space. Taking on the creative spirit of the surrounding Hackney Wick area, the residence has a distinctive personality. There are many communal spaces, from the dry bar to the amphitheatre, the karaoke room to the on-site gym. There’s also a range of beautifully designed rooms and self-contained studios to choose from, ensuring a luxurious, modern experience for every resident.

Other accommodation options

We work closely with experienced, reputable organisations that specialise in providing student accommodation, from high-quality halls of residence, shared housing and self-contained apartments and houses. Our recommended providers can help you find housing for single students, couples and students with families.

Finding accommodation in London can be overwhelming. With so many options, it can be difficult to know where to start, that’s where comes in.

London Nest

London Nest is a leading accommodation provider. They specialise in supporting students to find their perfect accommodation.

London Nest


Amber is a great platform to find your home away from home! they have a wide variety of student accommodations that adjusts to budget and lifestyle.


Need any help?

The Student Accommodation Centre can assist you with your search for accommodation in the capital. You will then need to book your accommodation directly with your chosen provider and the provider will be responsible for managing the tenancy agreement with you.

There are a variety of things to consider when booking accommodation, our Student Services team can support you with these decisions. If you wish to have someone else check the contract for you, understand your rights or have any queries regarding off-campus accommodation, you can contact the Student Advice and Support Service

Advice for international Students

Students applying for a student visa will need to show that they have enough money to pay for their studies and their accommodation. This means you will need to have evidence of the funds for your tuition fees, as well as at least £1,334* per month for each month of your studies, up to a maximum of nine months, to pay for living costs. 

For more information, visit Loughborough University’s International Student Advice and Support website

*Information produced using government information found here [correct as of 5 March 2021].