Para Sport Against Stigma advocates with ‘Unlock the Everyday’ Campaign

The Para Sports Against Stigma (PSAS) research project, a collaborative effort led by Loughborough University London, International Paralympic Committee (IPC) and University of Malawi under the banner AT2030 (link:, is dedicated to combating disability-related stigma across Africa through the transformative influence of sports, particularly in advocating for the widespread adoption of assistive technology (AT). A global campaign was recently unveiled during the 2024 World Economic Forum in Davos, aiming to tackle the issue of insufficient access to assistive technology on a global scale. This campaign, ‘Unlock the Everyday’ (link:, is the first ever global campaign to raise awareness on everyone’s right to access assistive technology. It resonates strongly with Loughborough University London's research which has a shared vision for inclusivity.  

The PSAS project's commitment to changing perceptions and empowering authenticity around storytelling of Para athletes, fostering inclusivity within communities as does the campaign of underscoring the fundamental right of everyone to access assistive technology. From wheelchairs to digital devices, regardless of their location or income; by addressing concerns and inequalities faced by diverse communities, PSAS has been advocating for a wider ecosystem around Para sports, echoing the campaign's call for improved access to assistive technology globally.

The campaign, in addition, sheds light on the stark global inequities in access to assistive technology, emphasising that 90 percent of people in high-income countries can access needed technology compared to just 10 percent in low-income countries. This disparity is highlighted in the PSAS project's call for the use of Para sport as a platform to shift stigma. Para sport has the power to bring communities together, provoke emotions and engagement needed to change perceptions, ensuring everyone feels they belong. Research from ATscale, supporting the campaign, reveals that for every dollar invested in assistive technology, there is a $9 return through improved educational outcomes, better employment opportunities, and increased productivity. The PSAS project's emphasis on the positive impact of Para sports beyond games, emphasising the importance of continuous engagement between events. Both initiatives advocate for policy changes and increased investment to establish assistive technology as integral to national health systems. 

Both PSAS and 'Unlock the Everyday' campaign call on policymakers, leaders, and the public to support those in need of assistive technology. Whether through PSAS's local events or the campaign's social media engagement, both initiatives share a common goal—changing societal narratives and advocating for the rights of individuals to access the technology they need for a fulfilling life. In essence, promoting inclusivity, breaking down barriers and advocating for global accessibility to assistive technology.  Call for the use of Para sport as a platform to shift stigma… Para sport has the power to bring communities together… provoke emotions and engagement needed to change perceptions… 

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Para Sport Against Stigma is a subprogramme of AT2030, an initiative led by Global Disability Innovation Hub and funded by UK Aid to increase access to life change Assistive Technology.