Inspiring Success: career guidance and support for east London graduates

Inspiring Success is a two-part initiative, designed to provide employability support and funding for unemployed or underemployed graduates from the East London Growth Boroughs of Hackney, Newham, Tower Hamlets and Waltham Forest.

About the programme

Now in its eighth year, the initiative has supported over 100 unemployed or under-employed graduates from across the boroughs, and has already seen twenty-seven individuals graduate with postgraduate qualifications from Loughborough University London. The Inspiring Success programme was founded in partnership with the London Legacy Development Corporation. It has most recently been supported by kind donations from alumni, local foundations and businesses.

The Inspiring Success Scholarship offers 100% off the full cost of tuition fees for selected unemployed and underemployed graduates, who obtained GCSE or A-level (or equivalent) qualifications from Hackney, Tower Hamlets, Newham or Waltham Forest.

Students must meet the following criteria: 

  • Be a graduate with a minimum of a lower second class honours degree from a UK university or equivalent overseas qualification recognised by Loughborough University. Participants will need to have graduated at least 6 months prior to the start of the programme
  • Be currently residing in, and have previously taken GCSE or A level qualifications whilst residing in Hackney, Newham, Tower Hamlets or Waltham Forest
  • Be currently unemployed or underemployed, earning below £570.90 per week
  • Attendance at our two-day Inspiring Success programme is advised, but not essential
  • Be willing to become ambassadors of the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and actively give back to the local community through Echo 

To be considered for this scholarship, students must complete the Inspiring Success scholarship application form. Successful applicants will demonstrate academic excellence and potential, and will outline how they wish to develop their local community on completion of their degree. 

  • Award value: 100% off the full cost of tuition fees
  • Eligible programmes: All taught master's programmes
  • Scholarship application required?: Yes
  • Closing date: TBC

See our case studies for what our Inspiring Success and other Loughborough University London graduates are up to now. 

I am exceedingly grateful for the opportunities presented to me because of partaking in the Inspiring Success programme. I must urge all local graduates to apply – it is a once in a lifetime opportunity!
Clayton Thomas

What does it involve?

The Inspiring Success programme is delivered in two stages. First, you can attend a series of insightful workshops to identify your strengths, reflect on your experiences and clarify the steps needed to reach your future goals. Next, eligible participants will be given the opportuny to apply for a 100% scholarship to study a master's programme of their choice. More information on each stage of the progamme is provided below.

Stage one: employability workshop series 

The first method of guidance and support is offered through a series of evening workshops which have been designed to encourage graduates to develop new skills, reflect on their experiences and market themselves to potential employers. The workshops cover topics such as positive thinking and the significance of mindset and resilience in the context of job hunting or career progression. Sessions will include practical networking opportunities with employers such as BT Sport, Here East and Morgan Stanley. 

The sessions have all been really insightful. The interviews were tough but great. The programme has really boosted my self-confidence and given me the energy to want more. I am excited about the potential to study at Loughborough University London – thank you to all who put the programme together.

Shah Rahman, Inspiring Success participant 2020

The dates are:

Date Time Details
21 June 2022 5-7.30pm Welcome and introduction
27 June 2022 5-7.30pm Networking and interview training
28 June 2022 5-7.30pm Speed interviews
7 July 2022 5-7pm Community celebration

Apply here for the 2022 Inspiring Success workshops by Monday 20 June 2022.

Please note: the Inspiring Success programme may be delivered digitally in 2022 – all advertised workshops will be available through online webinars.

Take a look at our events page for further details of the information events and workshops.

View our events

Stage two: 100% tuition fee scholarship

At the end of the workshop series, suitable participants can apply to be considered for a 100% tuition fee scholarship to study a master's programme at Loughborough University London. Scholarships will be awarded to eligible applicants every year. To apply for the scholarship, you must have applied for your preferred master's programme and must be in receipt of an offer. To find out more about the scholarship and to submit an application for a master's programme, please visit our how to apply page.

If I hadn’t been awarded the scholarship, a master’s degree from one of the UK’s top universities would never have been an option for me. Thanks to the scholarship, I can continue my studies and have the very best chance of achieving the career I have always wanted.

Shanite Harris

Why should I attend?

Inspiring Success will encourage you to reflect on your skills and experiences, before connecting you to leading employers to help you secure the next step in your career journey. It will also give you the opportunity to apply for a 100% tuition fee scholarship to study a master's with a UK top 10 university.

Explore your personal potential and develop new skills and confidence

  • By working with fellow graduates and Loughborough University students in a variety of tasks and challenges, you will have the opportunity to identify, explore and enhance your skills for future success
  • You'll take part in a range of team tasks and interactive problem-solving challenges, which will enable you to make informed decisions and improve your collaborative working skills
  • You'll be given professional career guidance and coaching, which can be tailored to your personal ambitions and future career goals 

It felt amazing to be studying in east London: the area where I was born and raised. My course was challenging but it was a great experience and I really benefited from a great support network. I’m currently looking for graduate jobs in the creative sector and studying at Loughborough University London has provided me with a lot more options than I had before.

Esi-June Mittee Adabunu  – Inspiring Success Graduate

Widen your horizons

  • Working with individuals from diverse communities and backgrounds, you will be encouraged to work collaboratively with others so you are ready to enter roles in a broad range of environments
  • You will be supported by careers specialists, University staff and business professionals to explore your potential and consider new career options
  • You will explore alternative developmental opportunities, such as further study and entrepreneurial routes

Make change happen

  • The Inspiring Success programme is designed to spark change – in self-awareness, confidence, skills and career success
  • You will complete the programme feeling empowered to take the next step towards your future career goals, whether you decide to enter further education, start a business, or apply for a role in industry

I saw a golden opportunity through a Newham Workplace event about studying at Loughborough University London. Winning  the Inspiring Success Scholarship has enabled me to develop my knowledge of diplomacy, international relations and politics, which are my main passions in life.

Paul Ntulila - Inspiring Success Graduate 

We reflected on the Inspiring Sucess workshop series for 2020 in our blog - take a look to find out more about what this part of the Inspiring Success programme involved.

If you would like to become a supporter of Inspiring Success please contact Ben Cole