Morgane Delporte

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Morgane Delporte is a current student at Loughborough University London studying Sports Marketing.


My journey to Loughborough University London

Please tell us about your path to Loughborough University London. Where did you study before and what subjects did you take? Did your previous learning experiences influence your decision to study further?

I started my undergraduate studies in my home country, France, where I studied business in general for three years. I was committed in few associations such as sport associations or else LSU as president. I had many professional opportunities and I studied in Milano for an Erasmus exchange. I did like studying abroad so I left my French school to complete my bachelor for one year in Dublin Business School in Ireland. I could specialised myself in marketing for this year. It is important for me to keep an international dimension to my profile as I want to work in worldwide events. I also wanted to specialize even more to become an expert in a specific area: sport. Loughborough being the best university in this field, it was natural for me to make my last year in London!

Why did you decide to study at Loughborough University London? Also, what inspired you to apply for the course that you chose?

I mentioned it before, but for me becoming an expert in a specific field and opening my career opportunities worldwide is essential. I want excellence, and Loughborough is the best university for sport marketing in the UK. The location of the campus in London is perfect for sport lovers as it is in the Olympic Park. I can run, practice gym sessions and go to swim in the Olympic swimming pool after classes! The program includes many professional projects and Future Space enhances our possibility to have an impact in the professional field more easily than in some other universities.

My Loughborough University London Experience

How has the teaching in your institution at Loughborough University London helped further your knowledge of your subject?

Modules in Sport Marketing are challenging. It is the perfect balance between the academic requirements to have a Master and the concrete assessments with professionals, federations, sport teams or corporations that put us and our skills in real situation in the sport industry. 

What interesting things are you learning?  Is there a particularly good project/ work that you participated in?

I particularly enjoy the core marketing, communication and creative field and I am more than satisfied with Loughborough classes so far. In sport marketing we had the opportunity to work on a partnership project with Southampton FC, the Women Team. We had the objectives to find two coherent partners and create activations, campaigns to announce and highlight the partnership in other words. We had the freedom to choose and imagine what we wanted and at the same time we were closely in relation with the coordinator from Southampton to maximise our understanding of Southampton expectations. This work has been shared with the sponsoring teams in the club and some of our ideas will be seriously considered for real. It was exciting and challenging to be able to propose concrete strategies and collaborate with the club to show our skills! 

Please tell us about any support that you received from your institute staff

Loughborough staff are helpful for any issues that you might have as a student! Any questions or problems that you might have, you always feel comfortable seeking help from them. During December, the living crisis in London worsened and the university started to offer free breakfast for students.

What did you think of the social atmosphere on the campus and what was your experience of living in London?

Loughborough London is a smaller campus, so we can walk around and meet lots of people we know! This friendly and comfy environment makes the university a good place to study. London is huge, and it feels good to have a smaller place where you can meet friends. Aside the school there are many places to visit as a student in London! Thousands of restaurants and bars, Parks, Museums, this is a dynamic city where you cannot be bored!

What piece of advice would you give to prospective students looking to undertake the programme that you studied?

If you are looking for a university to do your master's in sport marketing, I would recommend Loughborough! London is an amazing experience where you can grow, meet different people from anywhere, study in a reputable and qualitative university and have job opportunities for the future. 

Looking to the future

What do you plan to do in the future and how will your Loughborough University London degree help you achieve that?

My professional goals stand in sport. I want to work for sport events with an international dimension. I would love to work for the Olympics, Football World cup or Roland Garros. Thanks to Loughborough I can learn the skills needed to achieve these objectives. I will realize an internship after my courses and thanks to the university I have great opportunities to start my career in the sport industry.

What would be the one piece of advice that you would give to prospective students who are interested in studying at Loughborough?

The university is excellent, and it is an amazing opportunity. If you have a project already you can be helped throughout the year to realize it, grow your network, learn and develop your project at the same time. If you don’t have a project but know your passion, you have a lot of opportunities that you can take within the year. I chose loughborough and I have no regrets today, so if I can give you some advice, it will be that believe in your passion/project and seriously apply to have the best opportunity of your studies!