Bikramjit Basu

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Bikramjit Basu is a current student at Loughborough University London studying Sports Analytics and Technologies


My journey to Loughborough University London

Please tell us about your path to Loughborough University London. Where did you study before and what subjects did you take? Did your previous learning experiences influence your decision to study further?

I completed my Undergraduate studies in Mumbai, India. I have a Bachelor of Arts and studied Economics, Sociology, and Statistics. I do have an interest in these fields and believe that Sport is relevant to all the 3 disciplines. After completing my undergrad, I worked at a Tech Company focusing on Data Analytics, Machine Learning and AI for 3.5 years.

Why did you decide to study at Loughborough University London? Also, what inspired you to apply for the course that you chose?

I chose Loughborough because it was my dream University. I have wanted to study Sport business since I was in high school, and Loughborough is well renowned as the best in the world for the same. I chose to study at the London campus, because the course that appealed to me most was offered at the London Campus. The growth of Analytics and Technology in Sport merged with my experience in the field and passion for sport urged me to opt for the MSc. Sports Analytics and Technologies.

My Loughborough University London Experience

How has the teaching in your institution at Loughborough University London helped further your knowledge of your subject?

The faculty hers is very well renowned globally in the industry of sport business. We get to learn from their experiences and the research they have conducted. They are also very well networked in the Sport industry and have arranged for guest lectures from industry leaders across many verticals of sport which has opened our eyes to a depth in the industry that I would not have come across elsewhere.

What interesting things are you learning?  Is there a particularly good project/ work that you participated in?

There are a plethora of interesting modules that diversify our learnings here. I particularly enjoyed writing a report help a football club imbibe a culture of data and analytics during my introductory module. The statistics module was also very exciting. Despite having studied statistics during my undergrad, I had never written such an in-depth statistical report using tools like SPSS, and I wrote it about football finance, so despite the challenge, I loved every moment of it.

Please tell us about any support that you received from your institute staff

All the professors in the institute seem to prioritize our needs whenever we reach out which has created a very positive and open atmosphere between students and faculty. Whether it is a question about something taught in class or guidance on assignments to supporting with independent research or expanding our professional networks, the staff always do their best to support us.

What did you think of the social atmosphere on the campus and what was your experience of living in London?

I made friends instantly at Uni. There are events constantly occurring for various purposes, and there’s often food and beer provided too! These sessions gave us an opportunity early on to network with our peers across courses and institutes and assisted us in settling in socially.  

London is a very vibrant city, be it music sports, food, theatre, no matter where your interest lies there is a good chance that London has something going on. The Lboro London campus lies in a modern and vibrant locality as well, with great parks, pubs, clubs, restaurants and of course sports arenas all close by. The downside is it can get heavy on the pocket especially on a student budget, but if you manage your finances well, it works out.


What piece of advice would you give to prospective students looking to undertake the programme that you studied?

Come into the programme with a completely open mind regarding your past skills, experiences, and interests in sports. The Analytics course is a wonderful blend of data, numbers, and technology as well as other aspects of sport and there are opportunities to pick up knowledge and skills about new sports, technologies, and tools, especially if you’re here with an open mind keen to learn about new areas and expand your skillsets.

Looking to the future

What do you plan to do in the future and how will your Loughborough University London degree help you achieve that?

I hope to work around sports data and technology, be it in a specific sports club or organisation or an independent organization that deals with sports data and technology. The network and brand name that Loughborough provides in this industry space I believe will help me immensely in diving into my dream career path, it already is.

Why do you think that prospective students should choose Loughborough University London?

If students want to study sport, Loughborough is the place to be, it’s as simple as that. I kept hearing this before I got here, and now that I’m here I understand why. 

What would be the one piece of advice that you would give to prospective students who are interested in studying at Loughborough?

Whenever you find an opportunity to participate in something, whether it’s a 1 hour talk/panel discussions by eminent guests, or something like a 2-month digital skills programme, take part in everything, there is a lot happening and everything you do has the potential to be beneficial either professionally or socially.