Design Innovation academics awarded TECHNE funding for PhD training

This PhD training will focus on topic of ‘uncertainty’, defined as an inevitable characteristic of a PhD life, which can be highly disarming.

The training will be led by Institute for Design Innovation academics, Dr Siv Jansson (Teaching Fellow) and supported by Dr Ksenija Kuzmina (Lecturer and Programme Director) and Dr Sharon Prendeville (Senior Lecturer and Programme Director).

A workshop series titled Exploring and Understanding Uncertainty: Dealing With Doubts About Your Thesis, will be run over a period of 3 days, looking at various forms of uncertainties that PhD candidates experience during their 3.5 years of study to promote a healthy academic practice.

These workshops will take place between 9 Jul 2021 - 13 Jul 2021. This training is all open to all TECHNE funded PhD students and you have the option to sign up for individual sessions or the whole course. 


Originally established in 2014, TECHNE has successfully collaborated with partner institutions and external organisations across London and the south east to deliver industry-relevant research across a range of subjects.

TECHNE supports outstanding students in pursuing the 'craft' of research through innovative, interdisciplinary and creative approaches across the range of the arts and humanities. The techne consortium comprises of nine universities across London and the South-East and has almost 60 AHRC studentships to award each year throughout the arts and humanities disciplines.

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