London Staff Awarded First Teaching Innovation Award

Staff from Loughborough University London and the Centre for Academic Practice have recently been awarded a Teaching Innovation Award for their project to embed ‘reflection’ into the student learning journey.

Loughborough University's Teaching Innovation Awards recognise, celebrate and promote excellence in learning and teaching across the University's learning and teaching community.

This year's award-winners include:

The award was given for their work on a project entitled: 'Embedding 'Reflection' into Students' Learning Journey'. The aim of the project was to create an enhanced approach for the teaching of reflective practice and a framework for embedding reflection into the student learning journey across both campuses.

The award marks the first time that Loughborough University London staff have received a Teaching Innovation Award.

Prof. Tony Edwards, Dean of Loughborough University London said:

I am delighted by this award, which reflects the innovative work of my colleagues. Reflective learning is a key feature of our teaching at Loughborough University London and is a crucial element of the learning journey that all of our students take.