Institute for International Management Speaker Series

The Institute for International Management has organised a Speaker Series to bring together researchers from across a wide range of fields in order to address timely and pertinent questions in the field of international management.


20 Feb 2023 4-5:30pm Investor Reactions to Trump Tweets: Buffering populists' attacks in a polarized environment through formal means of CPA

Mike Etter

King's College London
8 Mar 2023 4-5:30pm Migrant sex work beyond slavery and trafficking: Sex work, unfree labour and the crisis of social reproduction in Ghana

Ellie Gore


University of Manchester, UK
28 Mar 2023 4-5:30pm Bad Trade: The Loss of Domestic Varieties

Justin Tumlinson

Exeter University, UK
3 April 2023 4-5:30pm Privatisation of Water in Brazil

Isadora Cruxen

Queen Mary
12 April 2023 4-5:30pm Where futures are imagined: Developing concepts to extend the understanding of sites of hyperprojectivity

Kavitha Ravikumar

Loughborough University London
18 April 2023 4-5:30pm Worker Cooperatives

Nicos Moushouttas

3 May 2023 4-5:30pm “The Lesser Evil”: Techniques of Neutralizing Populism in Pakistan

Sumrin Kalia

17 May 2023 11am-12:30pm Sustainable governance: A theory of the creative enterprise and its implications on management & law

Blanche Segrestin/Kevin Levillain

Mines Paris Tech, France
31 May 2023 4-5:30pm Sight Unseen: The Visibility Paradox of Entrepreneurship in the Informal Economy

Prof. Joel Bothello

Concordia University, Montreal
14 June 2023 4-5:30pm ‘Tropicalizing a Western model: Overcoming challenges of translation of the German dual vocational education and training model to Mexico’

Gaby Gutierrez Huerter O'

21 June 2023 4-5:30pm Contradictions in the Software Labour Process

Ian Hill