Philip Jenkins

Philip Jenkins is studying at Loughborough University London on an Ambassador scholarship. Philip is now studying for an MSc in Sports Business Innovation.

Why Loughborough University London?

Due to previous study and association with Loughborough University being so positive, I wanted to continue this in a different setting. Further pushing myself in a new city in an amazing sporting environment of the Olympic Park was a fantastic opportunity to continue my Loughborough experience.

What have you enjoyed most about your programme?

I have enjoyed working with new people from other cultures and extending my knowledge of leadership in the sporting environment particularly. This has been aided by off site visits to get a real feel of different learning and working environments.

What attracted you to the course?

Working with high achieving academics from all over the world who offer a new and exciting insight was a great attraction. The site visits to learn about different leadership styles, including Sandhurst, Google and Royal Ballet, were also a great prospect.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

I see myself working in large scale sporting events in a logistical or operational role, which may also entail working with volunteers.

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