Chikeruo Ndubuisi

Chikeruo Ndubuisi
Graduated from
University of Lagos, Nigeria
Dean's Award for Enterprise Scholarship

Chikeruo Benjamin Ndubuisi is 23 and graduated from University of Lagos in Nigeria. He is now studying Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management MSc. Chikeruo received the Dean’s Award for Enterprise Scholarship.

What were you doing before you joined LU London?

I ran start-ups in technology, agriculture and personal development.

How did you find out about the scholarship?

I had a chat with one of the international recruiters in Nigeria – Alicia Butterfield. I shared a bit of my background with her and she recommended I apply to both the new campus and for the scholarship as well.

What was your business idea?

The business idea was an aquaculture start-up with a novel business model.

What was your reaction when you found out you received 90% scholarship?

I was super excited as I had also applied for another scholarship at the main campus which I did not receive.

What are the benefits of the Dean’s Award?

The primary benefit is the significant reduction in the tuition fees, allowing me focus on giving my best during the program. It also opens me up to opportunities that I might not have otherwise had the privilege of experiencing. Finally, it’s given me a platform to consolidate my learning on entrepreneurship and innovation.

What advice would you give to other Dean’s Award applicants?

It’s a brilliant opportunity which shouldn’t be passed up on. Have a thorough think through your business idea and write your best presentation of the idea in the application. Prepare extensively for the phone interview and show your conviction of the validity of your idea.

How can we encourage more students to join the programme?

  • Give presentations at key universities in strategic locations around the world
  • An extensive marketing campaign online
  • Provide statistics on the next steps students who studied here took upon graduation

Why should others choose Loughborough University London?

  • It’s located in the heart of the UK with numerous opportunities
  • Excellent faculty, extensive curriculum and adequate facilities
  • Invaluable network of other students with whom great ideas can be cross-pollinated

What have you enjoyed most about your programme so far?

  • The opportunities that accompany being in London
  • The faculty who handle the modules
  • An interesting mix in the student body which presents challenges as well as opportunities

What are your thoughts on the new building?

It’s great to be there! It is definitely a great facility and location.

What attracted you to the programme?

  • The modules on my programme
  • The prospect of a scholarship
  • The location of the London campus
  • The university’s reputation and experience of a family member there

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I hope to have graduated with a distinction! Having gotten some great work experience in the UK, I want to have started a thriving business as well that operates both here and at home in Nigeria- making LU London proud!

What advice would you give to prospective students looking to study at LU London?

It’s a worthwhile experience and offers you an invaluable learning curve. Get your thoughts and necessary documentation together for the application. Make plans for other aspects of living in order to ensure you can keep up with the academic requirements during term time.

Describe Loughborough University London in 3 words:

Proud, friendly and excellent!



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