Karen Liu

Karen Liu
Graduated from
Communication University of China
Dean's Award for Enterprise

Journalism graduate Jing Liu (Karen), 29, graduated from the Communication University of China and now studies in the Institute for Media and Creative Industries. She has also received the Dean's Award for Enterprise to help fund her studies.

What were you doing before you joined LU London?

I was working in US Media Bejing branch as an Assistant Producer. This involved arranging interviews and editing media. My previous Masters course focused on the theory of journalism, so I wanted to widen my outlook on the media and creative industries.

How did you find out about the scholarship?

I was looking for support to launch business idea.

What was your business idea?

Audio sharing platform- an audio production online community where professionals and amateurs can communicate and network. I applied to make my idea come true whilst getting support and expertise in entrepreneurship from those with experience in the field.

What was your reaction when you found out you received 100% scholarship?

Happy – disbelief. I prepared so much for the award, but had no idea I would win. As there were no restrictions for the award, I assumed I wasn't going to get it.

What are the benefits of the programme?

  • Materialistic benefits of the scholarship meant that I was able to take on the masters. I was desperate to study and had so much potential but couldn't afford to study.
  • Encouragement and acknowledgement for your ideas asked me one question: how your business idea can benefit your own community and how it can impact the wider community. This reasssured me that my idea can help people and can be a useful service.
  • Releases burdens of starting a new business – people and professionals that can support me and release my inhibitions.
  • Location – rich culture resources, diversity, different opportunity , different talents from all over the world. Great city with business resources.
  • Support from Loughborough Launch It! Competition in London?
  • Enterprise support staff, entrepreneurs networks, google campus, like minded people – so much more than just studying!

What would you say to others looking to apply for the Dean's Award?

  • The degree programme is still important – work hard at your undergraduate degree. You must show your commitment and ambition for PG study.
  • Business idea – I’m not sure if everyone will set up your business, but this is a huge opportunity. Make sure you think about it carefully and fully. How will your business work out in the long term?
  • Think about your own ideas – the value of your idea is very important – broader moral impact... it's not all about making money – it's important but the intrinsic value is more important. The differences are between a business and a great business and a company and a successful company.

How can we encourage more students to join the programme?

You should be looking for:

  • Ambitions and think of the bigger picture – studying and business start up.
  • Time management and multitasking is really important. Learning lots of new things at once, ie: business skills + masters programme + practical things to get the ball rolling.
  • Self motivated – it’s not always easy to finish studies and it's even harder to stay encouraged by your idea. You will meet walls and self-doubting. You'll receive lots of encouragement and help from staff, but you can't rely on them entirely – they can only do so much.

Why should others choose Loughborough University London?

  • The most important draw for me as I look back over the past few months is the really well organised programme (media). The structure of the programme is really well developed – great overview of subject areas, enterprise skills, employability skills (so important for the future, some learn through work, some skills can be taught), video assessments, job applications... When I started applying for internships, the steps are identical to the Gradcore assessment centre. It made me feel more confident and I knew what the questions were asking.
  • Really friendly staff; I really appreciate all of the business services and student service support I have received.
  • Location: many of my friends enjoy exploring and seeing the city. Volunteering and internships are plentiful and it really helps you widen your horizons. When my friends visit they never want to leave.
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