Diana Adebajo

Country / region
United Kingdom

Diana is a current student at Loughborough University London studying Design Innovation Management.


My journey to Loughborough University London

Please tell us about your path to Loughborough University London. Where did you study before and what subjects did you take? Did your previous learning experiences influence your decision to study further?

I always knew I wanted to do a master’s degree even before I completed my Mechanical Engineering degree from the University of Greenwich. I did however take 2 years to work in Engineering and was lucky enough to get a role working on innovation projects which I absolutely loved. The time between my undergrad and postgrad degrees really allowed me to truly decide what it was I desired to study. I have always been passionate about sustainable futures and I was able to use the 2 years to do extensive research on the courses that were available that will be fulfilling.  


Why did you decide to study at Loughborough University London? Also, what inspired you to apply for the course that you chose?

I have lived in East London most of my life and when I discovered a university campus opened up near me, I was intrigued to know what was available there. I visited the university in 2018 and decided to look through what courses were available at the time. From then the university was on my radar as the location was perfect and there were interesting courses available. I signed up to the postgraduate mailing list to be kept aware of any new courses, and when I found Design Innovation Management I knew I had to apply for it. 

My Loughborough University London Experience

How has the teaching in your institution at Loughborough University London helped further your knowledge of your subject?

The teaching in the design institute is amazing. We have lecturers who are absolutely passionate about teaching and showcasing their research. They also are great at providing us with great journals and books to read to develop our knowledge in various areas. I have been introduced to the works of many scholars such as Achille Mbembe and Arturo Escobar and I absolutely love their work.  

What interesting things are you learning?  Is there a particularly good project/ work that you participated in?

A huge difference between my undergraduate degree and masters is with how to take on research. I have been used to undertaking experiments to prove a hypothesis, whereas now I am learning how to research topics using design methods. It is very interesting learning a new approach to research.  

One of the most interesting projects I have worked on so far was with fieldwork and analysing a space through design research fieldwork and relating the space to key concepts of design and identity. I got to explore the Africa Fashion exhibition at the V&A museum for this and it was empowering.


What did you think of the social atmosphere on the campus and what was your experience of living in London?

The social atmosphere is incredible, there is always plenty opportunities to network with fellow students throughout the year. Future Space always have something on for students to sign up to and meet with businesses as well as students in other institutes.

What piece of advice would you give to prospective students looking to undertake the programme that you studied?

My piece of advice for students looking to study Design innovation Management is be prepared to read! Design is a huge topic and there is a vast library of academic journals readily available that you will have to read to really understand and engage with the topics.


Looking to the future

What do you plan to do in the future and how will your Loughborough University London degree help you achieve that?

I have always been passionate about creating a sustainable future for all and I will like to centres my career around this.  I am not sure what roles I will be looking for specifically but I do know the values and company culture I will like to be part of where I will be able to provide meaningful work towards achieving sustainable development goals. My degree will help me achieve this as it will provide me with the necessary tools to be a great collaborator, researcher and problem solver.

Why do you think that prospective students should chose Loughborough University London?

Loughborough University London is great for multiple reasons, one of them being the plenty opportunities in London. Stratford is increasingly developing with technology and innovation and it is amazing to be in such proximity and hopefully be a part of it.  

What would be the one piece of advice that you would give to prospective students who are interested in studying at Loughborough?

My advice for studying at Loughborough is that you should make use of the resources available to you outside your learning. There are many networking events that can help you in your career, there are advisors and professionals available to help with your CV, job search or business proposals.