Ayishetu Taofeek

Loughborough University London student smiling and working
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Ayishetu is studying MSc International Management and Emerging Economies at Loughborough University London.


My journey to Loughborough University London

I am an international student who is Ghanaian, and I am studying International Management and Emerging Economies at Loughborough University London.

Why did you decide to study at Loughborough University London?

My choice to study International Management and Emerging Economies stems from my interest in issues surrounding the economies of different countries, especially in developing nations. From my research, I realised that Loughborough University London offers the necessary resources and course materials to aid in developing my expertise and further my future career interests, and that’s why I chose to study here.

My Loughborough University London Experience

What aspects of the course have you found particularly useful?

There are certain aspects of the course that I have found particularly useful during my time studying so far. For instance, the study material, the seminars and the compulsory modules in semester one’s programme have all been beneficial to supporting me with my future aspirations.

How has the academic support and facilities available helped you during your course?

After spending time with the assigned tutors on the course, I can say that the staff here have aided me in navigating my way through the course and understanding how it can shape my career.

The facilities on the Loughborough University London campus are also amazing. The library has been helpful and has given me access to additional study material. The lecture rooms also provide quality visual displays during lectures.

What has one of your highlights been so far about studying at Loughborough University London?

Outside of my course, I have found that one of the highlights of my time so far at Loughborough University London has been meeting new people. Making new friends and being introduced to the diversity here, as well as the different cultures and people, has broadened my view on life. Also, listening to first-hand experiences of fellow classmates has helped me further my understanding of some of the countries we have focused on during the course so far, so this has been valuable.

Looking to the future

What do you plan to do in the future, and how will your Loughborough University London degree help you achieve that?

In the future, I would like to explore and venture into the areas of business development management, public consultancy, financial management, project design and management. Knowing that these areas deal with human relationships and resource management has meant that the culture of the University has benefitted me.

The University encourages group work through group presentations and collaborative projects. This group work has ignited my passion for collaboration and communication, helping me to develop a powerful skill set. I imagine this will support in propelling me towards success in a multitude of avenues, from corporate endeavours to public service and social impact initiatives.

What advice would you give to prospective students looking to study your programme?

If anyone was considering studying this programme, I would say that London serves as a great hub for learning about economy, finance and management. As the University is located in the capital, it offers a huge advantage because one would not only learn from the school’s vast resources, but will also have the opportunity to learn and grow from the London experience. I am a testament to what both the school and the city offer, and I would take this opportunity over and over again.