Naveed Khalid

Country / region
United Kingdom
Graduated from
University of Greenwich

Naveed studied Internet Technologies with Business Management at Loughborough University London.

Naveed also studied Computer Science for his undergraduate degree.

Why did you choose LUL?

For my Masters I was looking to pursue a degree that was related to Computer Science but also has a minor in a different subject such as business. Business for example was a subject that I thought would be very beneficial to me not only for my career but perhaps also starting a business further down the road. When I stumbled on Loughborough University London, I saw that they offered a degree that gave me best of both worlds, technology and business.

How has LUL helped you in your career/ academic aspiration?

These days the job market has become very competitive and sometimes a Bachelor's degree is not always enough. I believe that after studying my Master's degree at Loughborough University London it has helped me stand out from the rest when I went to apply for roles.

What do/did you like about studying at LUL?

What I liked most about studying at Loughborough University London was the experience. From the valuable support provided by my lecturers to getting advice via the Student Union, I felt assured that the university cared about my success.

Do you have any advice for anyone applying to a postgraduate degree?

Don’t rush the process of applying for a postgraduate degree. Do your research, read about the modules that the degree offers. If what you read resonates well with what you are looking for, then you are one step closer in finding the right degree for yourself. It can also be helpful to compare degrees and the modules that are taught to make a better decision.