Migranka Deka

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New College of Engineering, India

Mriganka Deka graduated from Loughborough University London in 2021 after completing the International Management MSc programme.

Before studying for a master’s degree, Mriganka completed a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering at New Horizon College of Engineering in India. Having now also completed his master’s degree, Mriganka is pursuing his passion for international management and is planning on studying a PhD at Loughborough University London.

My journey to Loughborough University London

Tell us about your journey to Loughborough University London. What were you doing before?

It was an honour for me to be a part of Loughborough University London. It was always a dream for me to study at one of the top universities in the UK. Being an alumnus of Loughborough University London makes me feel so proud. Before joining the University, I worked as a consultant for an EdTech organisation and I studied for an undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering. My previous work experience and academic studies has helped me decide where I want to be in the future. Studying at Loughborough University London has helped me to achieve my goals even more.


Why did you decide to go to Loughborough University London?

I was interested in sports from a very young age and I played table tennis for my state. When I found out that Loughborough University ranked number one for sport (it was named University of the Year for Sport by the Times and Sunday Times Good University Guide 2022), I decided to study for a management degree there. As mentioned, I wanted personal growth in the field I was interested in working in and recognised that the modules taught at the Institute for International Management would help me to gain more knowledge and pursue my goals. 

Did you have an idea of how the Loughborough University London programme would help you in your career? 

I researched into the degree and I learned from many alumni what the structure of the course at the Institute for International Management was like. I also learned how the institute helped everyone in various sectors to boost their careers and so I knew they could help me.

The teaching provided by the professors and their knowledge helped me to learn more about international institutions. What I learned gave me a broader perspective that has helped me jump forward in my career. Currently, I work as a Systems Applications and Products in Data Processing (SAP) Consultant in Bengaluru, India and lead a team handling multiple international projects.

My student experience at Loughborough University London

How has the teaching in your institution at Loughborough University London helped further your knowledge of your subject?

The impact of the course helped me immensely with my understanding of what international management was. All the modules were so well structured and easy to understand. I must say that the support provided by all the professors throughout the course helped to motivate me.

What interesting things did you learn? Was there a particularly good project that you participated in?

As mentioned, all the modules were very engaging. Also, the collaborative project I did where I partnered with Tech London Advocates helped me to get better at managerial skills, as well as teamwork, facing and addressing tough challenges, being adaptable and more.

Please tell us about any support that you received from your institution’s mentors.

Being an engineering graduate, where I was used to focussing on numbers and manufacturing processes, and then shifting to a research-based program was initially challenging. However, I wanted to highlight the fantastic support provided by the entire teaching staff to help me solve challenges and perform highly.

What did you think of the social atmosphere on the campus and what was your experience of living in London?

It was always a dream to pursue my education in another place like London. It was an amazing experience to be in London. The vibrant culture, meeting people from across the world and the accepting, inclusive atmosphere was incredible.

What piece of advice would you give to prospective students looking to undertake the programme that you studied?

My one piece of advice to all the prospective students who want to pursue any programme at Loughborough University London would be to always remain focussed on what you want to do. Your goal should always be your priority. Be open about it to everyone and learn from everyone. You will shine. I wish you all the best!

How my degree has helped me

What has your career path been like since you graduated?

Put simply, my career progress has increased rapidly since the completion of my studies at Loughborough University London.

How do you think your Loughborough University London degree helped you to get to where you are?

I want to dedicate the position I am in today to all the professors at the Institute of International Management. Thank you to everyone.

Can you tell us more about the highlights of your career so far?

Before studying for a master’s degree at Loughborough University London, I worked as a consultant. I was learning things, but I was unsure as to where I was heading. Choosing to study for a master’s degree from Loughborough has helped me to align my personal goals with my career goals. As I’ve mentioned, it’s given me a significant leap in my career progress.

Plans for the future

What do you plan to do in the future and how will your Loughborough University London degree help you to achieve that?

I will always be a proud alumnus of Loughborough University London and I would like to be a part of the University in the future. After some time gaining corporate experience, I am now going to pursue a PhD at Loughborough University London.

Why do you think prospective students should choose Loughborough University London?

There are many reasons to choose Loughborough University London, including the great and well-structured modules, the best teaching staff and the fantastic environment provided to study in. Studying at the University also builds competitiveness, gives you an excellent understanding of job markets around the world and means you get to live in London, which is an amazing place to live.

What would be the one thing you would say to prospective students who have decided to study at Loughborough University London?

You have made the right decision to study at Loughborough University London.

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