Organisations invited to participate in Collaborative Dissertations

Applications are now open for businesses and organisations interested in getting involved in the Collaborative Dissertation.

At Loughborough University London, providing our students with the opportunity to gain real world experience together with the aim to work with industry to combat real-world issues are of primary importance. We are continuously thinking of new and exciting ways of pairing our talented student cohort to support specific industries needs, which is why we're currently looking for Collaborative Dissertation industry partners to participate in the module in 2021.

What is the Collaborative Dissertation?

The dissertation is a module all of our master's students undertake. The Collaborative Dissertation is a route that provides an opportunity for our postgraduate taught students to complete a unique piece of either project-based/ internship-based research with an organisation under the supervision of an academic.

If your company is keen on discovering quality talent without sifting through hundreds of resumes and holding tons of interviews for candidates that may or may not be qualified this could be the perfect route to take. Our students provide an array of perspectives, benefits and fresh ideas which more so than often is likely to spark inspiration and motivation among current employees and overall within your organisation. This may also have a knock on effect improving current processes and is additionally fantastic way to ensure your newly hired managers or employees slated for promotion get practice with management skills, by giving them an intern/ project to independently oversee.

As an organisation you'll benefit from impartial, innovative and invigorating suggestions and ideas from our impressive student community, not to mention access to networking events to meet the talent of the future. There are no fees for organisations to be involved, although as a participating body of this module a research lead will be required to review the submissions and attend our networking events. If your organisation offers an internship-based dissertation, the requirements will slightly differ due to it requiring a 6-9 week work placement and we are only able to advertise any internship-based dissertations that offer a minimum of the London living wage.

Find out more

If you’d like to find out more about the Collaborative Dissertation or other Collaborate activities for your organisation to get involved with, we will be hosting an online 'Collaborate with Loughborough University London' event to provide more information on Tuesday 8 December 2020, 4pm-5pm (UK Time).

Alternatively, for further details on specific dates, requirements and how you can get involved please email or take a look at our Collaborate section.

How to apply

If your organisation wishes to apply to be involved in the Collaborative Dissertation, please complete the application form by 26 February 2021.